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Zorch Radio Episode 137: Lab Rats


Guitar Wolf/Wild Zero Poster by Travis Bundy of Creator’s Edge Press

Zorch Radio Episode 137: Lab Rats
Airdate: Thursday, March 7th, 2013

We made a brand new introduction for this episode. Too bad it sucked! While it is a current “work in progress,” we still followed up with three hours of psychotronic rock and roll: psychobilly, garage, surf and trash on The All New KGRG FM.

Tonight’s discussion came from Tumblr where we were asked about our most memorable concerts. Invaders shared their stories like seeing Tool on ‘shrooms, a value menu Flogging Molly gig, Dee Dee Ramone beating the shit out of somebody, and there’s still room for more stories. Share yours as a comment below.

Topping off our night we announced the third addition to the Zorch Invasion May 24th at Slim’s Last Chance: Home town heroes, Hard Money Saints will be joining Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats and The No Tomorrow Boys! On top of this announcement, Matt Heretic of Los Gatos Locos called in about the upcoming psychobilly festival Klubfoot USA. Ending the night, we played an episode of Michael Kaiser’s RadiOblivion.

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The Meteors – Lie Down – People like You Records
The Meteors – Sewertime Blues – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Disneyland – Anagram Records
Voodoo Kings – My Babe – Nervous Records
Frantic Flintstones – What the Hell – Nervous Records
Alley Dukes – Slippin’ and Slidin’ (In You) – Flying Saucer Records
The Krewmen – It’s a Sin – Lost Moments Records
The Mutilators – Batz in the Belfrey – Self Released
Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys – Apocalyptic Lipped – Analog Arkives
The Gravediggers – The Wild Kind – Crypt Records
The Lucky Devils – Rockin’ Shoes – Crazy Love Records
Batmobile – Mystery Street – Nervous Records
Hard Money Saints – The Mechanic – Revved Up Records
Johnny Love and Speed – Hot Damn – Love Wedge Recordings
The Cramps – Blue Moon Baby – Big Beat Records
Earls of Suave – In My Dreams – Vinyl Japan
The Sonics – Witch – Etiquette Records
The Mummies – The Frisko Freeze – Tel-Star Records
Milkshakes – Black Sails in the Moonlight – Ace Records
The Raunch Hands – Green Room – Matador Records
Les Sexareenos – Goin’ to the Park – Sympathy for the Record Industry
Thee Cormans – Ape Rape – In The Red Records
The Brimstones – Pitfork – Infernophonic Records
Man or Astro-Man – Evil Plans of the Planet Spectra – Touch and Go Records
The Arrows – The Rebel – Tower Records
Dave Myers and the Surftones – Road to Rincon – Del-Fi Records
Stars of Bombay – Pow Wow – Self Released
The Spectres – The Chainsaw Song – My Checkbook Records
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – Monkey on the Doghouse – Yep Roc Records
Small Town Pimps – Mental Mama – Crazy Love Records
Slapping Suspenders – Duke’s Gonna Be Alright – Count Orlok Records
Los Gatos Locos – Dog Eat Dog – Zodiac Killer Records
Goddamn Gallows – Gutter Billy Blues – GBC Records
Demented Scumcats – White Stocking Tops – Crazy Love Records
The No Tomorrow Boys – Animal Eyes – Teenage Riot Records
The Stingrays – Dinosaurs – Big Beat Records
Guitar Wolf – Wild Zero – Narnack Records

Zorch Radio Episode 111: Trash-Tastic Parrot Vocalists

Zorch Radio Episode 111: Trash-Tastic Parrot Vocalists

Airdate: Thursday, August 30th, 2012

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All sorts of fancy folks calling in this night! Might have something to do with KGRG broadcasting in high definition, or the caviar, but I’m kind of surprised the large amount of TRASH didn’t deter them. This night, Kjersti talked about her regular write ups on CineBlog, recapped the previous week’s Grindhouse Theater of Dario Argento’s DEMONS, and did a Trash-Tastic Minute of Eaten Alive. There’s all sorts of different flicks she reviews at CineBlog, but her Trash-Tastic Thursday page is my personal favorite. A more detailed review of Dario Argento’s DEMONS is on there, as well as a description of her Grindhouse Theater experience. For those of you that missed out, keep yer ears peeled as we’ll be giving away tickets to future Grindhouse Theater showings. They are a BLAST!

Also in this episode, I managed to find the Ape City R&B record that Dillon of Si Si Si brought up for his guest DJ session back in Episode 106, so I gave it a good blasting. We also got another request for Thee Tiger Armies, and, if any of you remember Episode 69, there was a request then, too. I try not to play them as KGRG has ’em in regular rotation, so I usually pick an obscure track that may or may not have featured Mick 14, such as a metal band which featured a parrot on vocals… Somewhere in the mix, too, we played my favorite cover of Eddie and Showmen’s “SquadCar” done by former Seattle surf band The ‘Verb. Rumor has it that this uncredited track that was the result of the band sent wrong disc to mastering company. Definitely not something you get to hear everyday or in any other surf podcast!

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The Meteors – Bertha Lou – Sonovabitch Records – Ep. 111
The Meteors – Meat is Meat – Anagram Records – Ep. 111
The Meteors – Papa Jupe – People Like You Records – Ep. 111
The Reverend Horton Heat – Love Whip – Sub Pop Records – Ep. 111
The Brioles – Los Dos – Revel Yell Music – Ep. 111
The Rocketz – Bob The Zombies – Self-Released – Ep. 111
Hyperjax – Beggars Belief – Cherry Bomb Records – Ep. 111
The Klingonz – Psycho Mansion – Fury Records – Ep. 111
The Sharks – I Can’t Stop – Nervous Records – Ep. 111
The Blackrats – Monster Island – Self-Released – Ep. 111
Hard Money Saints – The Bastard – Self-Released – Ep. 111
Hard Money Saints – Forty Car Freight Train – Self-Released – Ep. 111
The Dicemen – Devil Woman – Lude Boy Record – Ep. 111
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Lonesome Kings – Watchin’ You – Kaiser Records – Ep. 111
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