Psychotronic Rock and Roll!


Hey Invaders,

We have had a number of people who have been asking “How can we support Zorch Radio?” and “Can we make a donation to the program?” and “How do I buy Zorch Radio stuff?” We are stoked that people enjoy the program and are reaching out, and want to let you know that the absolute best way to support the show is to purchase music from the artists, attend their gigs, and/or book the band for a show in your town.

Before donating to Zorch Radio or checking out our webshop, please make sure to purchase at least two new-to-you albums from the bands played during an episode. Links to purchase these albums are embedded within each episodes’ playlist for your convenience. Zorch Radio would not exist without the work from the artists and the number one thing you can do to support this program, is to ensure that the artists get paid and have the ability make more music in the future.


-DJake Noose and the rest of the ZR Staff

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