Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Zorch Radio Episode 327: Cramps And Mummies

Airdate: Thursday, Sept 7th, 2017

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Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Surfin’ On the Planet Zorch — The Mutant Monkey and the Surfers from ZorchCherry Red
Meteors — Give the Devil His Due — Vs. The World — Anagram
Cramps — All Women Are Bad — Stay Sick! — Vengence
Mummies — Food, Sickles, & Girls — Food, Sickles, & Girls // One by One — Estrus
Cramps — Dopefiend Boogie — Fiends of Dope Island — Vengence
Brainiax — The House on the Hill — Rock ‘n’ Roll Lobotmy — Self Released
Bastard Sons of Cavan — One Bad Habit — Masks, Megaphones & Mayhem!!Western Star
Long Tall Texans — One More Time — Story — Anagram
Hillbilly Headhunters — Goin’ Out West — Girls, Guitars, Jaguars — Off Course
Wigsville Spliffs — Born to Ride — Born to Ride // Eyes on My Baby — Killjoy
Flapjacks — Booze — Move to Mars — Last Chance
Graceland Five — Daddy Please Don’t Cry — Too Fast for Memphis — 48th Ave
Legendary Shack Shakers — Creek Cats — Believe — Yep Roc
Phantom Cowboys — The Hermit — Dead Men’s Clothes — Self Released
Satan’s Pilgrims — Buggin’ Out — Siniestro — MuSick
Lucianos — Think Twice Before Cheating — KILL-008 — Killjoy
Splashdowns — Rhino Chaser — The Splashdowns — Self Released
Ventures — Rap City — Rap City // Slaughter on 10th Ave — Dolton
Phantom Surfers — Phantom Surfers Alphabet — XXX Party — Lookout
Trashmen — Goofy Foot — Souvenir of the Visit to New York — Sundazed
Torments — Hot Dog Surf — The Creamer // Hot Dog Surf — Hidden Volume
Gorilla — Luni Bin — Genetic JokeCrazy Love
Luisonz — El Diablo Enfermo — The Amazing Adventures of The Luisonz in Macoñabillyland — Self Released
Monstrosities — The Punisher — When Worlds Collide — Self Released
Mutilators — Linda Lou — I’m Soooo Psychobilly!!! — Self Released
Nekromantix — Devil Smile — Curse of the CoffinNervous
Slapping Suspenders — Clod Hopper — Blood Sucking Freaks — Count Orlok
KDV Deviators — Rampage Rock — Lost ContactDrunkabilly Records
Stressor — Evil Dark Road — No More Panic — Crazy Love
Krewmen — Warpath — Sweet DreamsLost Moment

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