Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Zorch Radio Episode 326: Nuke Everything

Airdate: Thursday, Aug 11th, 2017

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If you like the music we play, then please support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Out of the Attic — Undead, Unfriendly and Unstoppable — Cherry Red
Meteors — Mutant Rock — Wrecking CrewAce
Batmobile — Demolition — Brand New Blisters — Butler
Brainiax — Cape Fear — Brainiax — Self Released
Quaranteds — Johnny’s a Commie — World Wide QuarantineCrazy Love
Lab Ratz — Terror is Loose — Terror is Loose! — Crazy Love
Luisonz — Jamie Lee Curtis — The Amazing Adventures of The Luisonz in Macoñabillyland — Self Released
Tabaltix — Hot to the Touch — Sex, Pug and Rock n’ Roll — Crazy Love
Hillbilly Headhunters — Mad — Mad — Off Course Rhythm
Tabaltix — Hot to the Touch — Sex, Pug and Rock n’ Roll — Crazy Love
Wigsville Spliffs — Born to Ride — Born to Ride // Eye on My Baby — Killjoy
Mario Bradley — Love Cats — My Search — Fury
Deltas — You Can’t Judge a Book — Mad For It — Raucous Records
Raymen — Go Bo Diddley! — Going Down to Death Valley — Rebel
Cramps — Let’s Get Fucked Up — Flamejob — The Medicine Label
Cult of the Psychic Fetus — The Morgue — Cult of the Psychic Fetus — Killjoy
Knights of Trash — Tell Me Tell Me — The Knights of Trash — Static
Bog Log III — My Shit’s Perfect — Records to Ruin Any Party — Voodoo Rhythm
Reverend Beat Man — I See The Light — Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol 2Voodoo Rhythm
Goddamn Gallows — Rotting Away — 7 DevilsFarmageddon Records
Takeshi Tarauchi — Touryanse — Nippon Guitars — Ace
Bomboras — Time Bomb — Swingin’ Singles — Dionysis
Dick Dale — Surfing Drums — Surfer’s Choice — Del-Tone
Phantom Surfers — Buy Low, Sell High — The Great Surf Crash of ’97 — Lookout
Sir Bald Diddley and His Right Honourable Big Wigs — Alopecia — More Sir Bald Diddley and His Right Honourable Big Wigs… LIVE — Alopecia
Nekromantix — Gargoyles Over Copenhagen — Return of the Loving — Hellcat
Matchless — Too Late — Randomly Generated NumbersFalsetto Music
Demented Are Go — Rubber Buccaneer — In Sickness and In HealthCherry Red
Los Gatos Locos — Space Fever — Psychobillyun Baptism — Tombdisc
Gutter Demons — Day of the Dead — Enter the DemonzFalsetto Music
Blue Demon — Mud ‘Round ‘Ere — High Falutin — Self Released

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