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Zorch Radio Episode 321: LUISONZ!!!

Zorch Radio Episode 321: LUISONZ!!!

Airdate: Thursday, June 29th, 2017

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If you like the music we play, then please support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Deep Dark Jungle — Sewertime BluesCherry Red
Meteors — To the Devil a Daughter — These Evil ThingsPeople Like You
Monstrosities — Ghouls Anthem — When Worlds Collide — Self Released
Nekromantix — Bloody Holiday — Brought Back to Life — Inter Music
Hard Money Saints — Big Bang — Hot Rod Trash — Splatterhouse Wreckerds
Hillbilly Headhunters — Long Cadillac — Mad — Off Course Rhythm
Spellbound — Killer — Eleven Deadly Sins — Self Released
Radiacs — She’s My Witch — The Return of the Radiacs — Raucous Records
Cosmic Voodoo — Mind Dog — Vertigo — Kaiser Records
Degenerated — Paranoia — Aargh!Crazy Love
Klax — My Sweet Baby — Recycle-Billy — Rockin’ Roar
Rawheads — Pinhead — Dawn of the 7 Inch People — Rumble
Rawheads — Follow That Demon — Dawn of the 7 Inch People — Rumble
Luisonz — Leprechaun — The Amazing Adventures of The Luisonz in Macoñabillyland — Self Released
Luisonz — 6 Nonos — The Amazing Adventures of The Luisonz in Macoñabillyland — Self Released
Luisonz — Luisonz: Sexo — The Amazing Adventures of The Luisonz in Macoñabillyland — Self Released
Phantom Rockers — Kissed By a Werewolf — Kissed By a Werewolf — Tombstone
Quakes — Go-get out — Quiff Rock! — Orrexx
Tazmanian Devils — Creature From Outer Space — Razmataz RecordsRazmataz Records
Penguin — Search Party — Self Titled — Count Orlok
Deadbolt — El Sadistico — Shrunken Head — Headhunter
Bomboras — Chunky — Swingin’ Singles — Dionysis
Razorblades — The Tune of the Ancient Baboon — The Dark Side of the Beach — General Schallplatten
Mercury Four — Kennewick Man — Endless Beach — Self Released
Man or Astro-Man? — Bombora — Destroy All Astromen!! — Estrus
Batmobile — Earthquake — Amazons From Outer Space — Count Orlok
Legendary Raw Deal — Madman — Outlaw ManCherry Red
Caravans — Kerosene — Less Smoke, More Powder — Tombstone
Scam — I Can’t See — Infant Years — Tombstone
Rusty Robots — Journey to the Center of the Earth — Tighten Your Screws and Dance To — Razmataz Records
Frantic Flintstones — Shake-A-Bone Capone — Too Sweet to Die — Anagram
Sons of the Yompin Cockroaches — Let’s Go!! — Self Titled — Kix 4 U
Slapping Suspenders — Sandy — The Good, The Bad, and the Keeper of the 7 Waffles — Count Orlok
X Ray Cat Trio — Ram Riders — I Lied EP — Killjoy

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