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Zorch Radio Episode 319: How to Book a Concert

Zorch Radio Episode 319: How to Book a Concert

Airdate: Thursday, June 1st, 2017

GAMCast Ep 129: How to Book a Concert
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If you like the music we play, then please support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Alligator Man — Monkey’s BreathAnagram
Meteors — Awake with the Wolf — No SurrenderSonovabitch
Hillbilly Headhunters — Mad — Mad — Off Course Rhythm
Batmobile — Sex-Rays — Amazons From Outer Space — Count Orlok
Radarmen — Interstellar — Self Titled 7″ — Killjoy
Frenzy — Hero — G-Man: 30 Years of Rockin N Wreckin — G-Man
Small Town Pimps — Superpsychozombie — For A Few Hookers MoreCrazy Love
X Ray Cat Trio — The Devil’s Come Rag — I Lied 7″ — Killjoy
Monsters — I Wanna Be Dead — Birds Eat MartiansVoodoo Rhythm
Monstrosities — When Worlds Collide — When Worlds Collide — Self Released
Lonesome Kings — Let’s Take Ride — Sweet Little Succubus 7″ — Rockin Raven
The Spectres — Did It For Elvis — Blood, Sweat and Nitro — Crazy Love
Blue Demon — Look What Became of Aldo Ray — Undisputed Kings — Mimashima
Rusty Robots — Vampire For Your Love — Tigthen Your Screws and Dance To — Razmataz Records
Es-Feiv — Move Your Buds — Go PsychoKix 4 U
Astro Zombies — Attack of the Green Farts — Frogs LegsCrazy Love
Guana Batz — King Rat — Held Down At Last — Radiation
Quaranteds — Rat Pack — Get Sum! — Self Released
Hola Ghost — Dragon Balls — The Man They Couldn’t Hang — Hola Pete
Swampys — Home Sweet Home — Come Back to the Swamp — Kix 4 U
Satan’s Pilgrims — Badge of Honor — Self Titled — MuSick
Tomorrowmen — Maelstrom — Demo — Self Released
Stars of Bombay — The Sender — Demo — Self Released
Trashmen — Bad News — Surfin’ Bird — Sound of Yesterday
Bomboras — Camel-Toe Stomp — Savage Island — Dionysis
Verb — Boogie at the Beach — Reverberated — Self Released
Fears — Chainsaw Blues — Die But Die Slowly — Crazy Love
Legendary Shack Shakers — Devil’s Night Auction — Cockadoodledon’t — Bloodshot
Alley Dukes — Black Magic — Northern Rednecks — Flying Saucer
Batmobile — BatmoManiacs — BatmoManiacs — Music On Vinyl
Pinstripes — El Camino Real — Gotta Roll — Taking Care of Yourself
Gutter Demons — Buried Alive — Room 209Falsetto Music
Los Gatos Locos — American Gods — Even Sociopaths Get the Blues — Zodiac Killer
Hillbilly Headhunters — Who Do You Love — Girls, Guitars, Jaguars — Off Course Rhythm

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