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Zorch Radio Episode 307: New Music From Killjoy Records


Zorch Radio Episode 307: New Music From Killjoy Records

Airdate: Thursday, Jan 5th, 2017

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If you like the music we play, then please support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Liars in Wait — Undead, Unfriendly and Unstoppable — Anagram
Meteors — Shakey Snakey — Don’t Touch the Bang Bang Fruit — Anagram
Meteors — Bertha Lou — Madman Roll — Sonovabitch
Bad Luck Gamblers — Rusty T-Bucket — Casino Maldito — Hot Jail
Demented Are Go — Be Bop A Lula — In Sickness and In HealthCherry Red
Pinstripes — Dig Up Her Bones — Gotta Roll — Taking Care of Yourself
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats — Junglebella — Life is Hard… Death is Neat! — Self Released
Psyclocks — Abnormal Man — Psyclock Shock!! — Rude Runner
Mutilators — Poultergeist in my Pants — I’m Soooo Psychobilly!!! — Self Released
Grims — Pervert — Bad Company — Drunkabilly Records
Ricochets — Love — On Target — Count Orlok
Delta Bombers — Howlin’ — Howlin’Wild
Los Gatos Locos — Juvenile Delinquent — Demos, Out-takes, and Rarities! — Spindrift
Autopsies — Roswell — A Memoir From The MorgueKilljoy
Radiacs — I Was Wrong — Hellraiser — Link
Washington Dead Cats — Crazy Voodoo Woman — Go Crazy! — Bondage
Klingonz — V.D. Blues — The Best of the KlingonzFury
Dr. Bizarro’s Victims — Don’t Lose Your Cool — California PsychobillyRockin Psycho
Tazmanian Devils — Fear of Darkness — Razmataz RecordsRazmataz Records
Darts — Street Machine — Hollywood Drag — Del Fi
Guantanamo Baywatch — Barbacoa — Chest Crawl — Dirtnap
Motivcations — The Birds — Garage Punk Unknowns Volume Six — Stone Age
Satan’s Pilgrims — Action Plus — Soul PilgrimEstrus
Mummies — The Fly — Play Their Own Records — Estrus
New Dimensions — Chicky Run — Deuces and Eights — Rock Beat
Thee Cormans — Biker Bitch — ITR-224 — In The Red
Hayride to Hell — Psychobilly Outlaw — …And Back — Hairball 8
Ripmen — Graveyard In Your Memory — Graveyard In Our Memories — Wolverine
Krewmen — Legend of the Piper — Plague of the DeadLost Moment
Retarded Rats — Lunacy — Lost In Space and Lost In Time — Killjoy
Blue Demon — Shame On You, Spade Cooley — High Falutin — Self Released
Batmobile — Do You Wanna Touch — Bamboo Land — Count Orlok
Torment — Washed Out — Hypnosis — Nervous
Escalators — The Camden Crawl — Moving Staircases — Big Beat

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