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Zorch Radio Episode 304: R.I.P. Johnny Anal


Zorch Radio Episode 304: R.I.P. Johnny Anal

Airdate: Thursday, Dec 15th, 2016

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Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — King Vlad — PsychobillyPeople Like You
Meteors — Shout So Loud — In HeavenAnagram
Meteors — 4lb Hammer — Hell Train RollinPeople Like You
Retarded Rats — No Time To Die — Screams From the 10th PlanetKilljoy
Raymen — Locomotion — Going Down to Death Valley — Rebel
Los Gatos Locos — Orgy of Blood — Psychobillyun Baptism — Tombdisc
Hayride to Hell — Werewolves on Wheels — Start Your Engines — Side One Dummy
The Spectres — Comin’ Home — Rubber Room Rock — My Checkbook
Spellbound — Deathrain — A Fistfull of Spells — Self Released
Nekromantix — Cry Yourself to Sleep — A Symphony of Wolf Tones and Ghost NotesHellcat
Dicemen — Go Fuck You — A Thing Called Rock’n’Roll — Lude Boy
Gutter Demons — Guilty — Misery, Madness and Murder LullabiesFalsetto Music
Calavera — Charrasqueado — Tequilamatic — Calavarian Brothers Music
Mad Sin — Psyclops Carnival — Teachin’ The Goodies — Anagram
Washington Dead Cats — Crazy Voodoo Woman — Go Crazy! — Bondage
Crestlers — My Old Man — Something to RememberFury
Sons of the Yompin Cockroaches — Let’s Go!! — Self Titled — Kix 4 U
Batmobile — Bat Attack — Go PsychoKix 4 U
Krewmen — It’s a Sin — Sweet DreamsLost Moment
Delstroyers — Wrong Planet — Here Come — Self Released
New Dimensions — Bongo Shutdown — Dueces and Eights — Rock Beat
Bomboras — The 7th Viel — Savage Island! — Dionysis
Takeshi Terauchi — Theme From Unfinished Symphony — Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain — Archive International Productions
Mercury Four — Skater Dater — Endless Beach — Self Released
Satan’s Pilgrims — Scatter Shield — Soul PilgrimEstrus
Verb — Surf After Sunset — Reverberated… For Your Pleasure — Self Released
Sharks — I Can’t Stop — Phantom RockersNervous
Surfin’ Wombatz — Dr. Sathan’s Chopper — Dr. Sathan’s Chopper — Salamander Records
Guana Batz — Down On The Line — Held Down To VinylCherry Red
Raiderz — The Truth Feels Like I’m Sick — That Takes Care of… — Self Released
Three Blue Teardrops — The Dead Know Nothing — Rustbelt Trio — Self Released
Wages of Sin — Dia de los Muertos — Customs of the Sea — My Checkbook
Mutilators — I Am The USA — Psychotic Boogaloo — Self Released

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