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Zorch Radio Episode 218: Craigslist, Uninvited


Zorch Radio Episode 218: Craigslist, Uninvited

Airdate: Thursday, December 11th, 2014

In addition to the psychotronic rock and roll, tonight we started out with a question about Craigslist, probably one of the best and worst Internet websites ever created. Whether used to find work and sell old junk – or to arrange an intimate encounter with the creeps of the net – everyone has a Craigslist story, but tonight we just wanted to focus on the stories about buying and selling. Who were the weirdos you sold to, and the sketchy creepers you bought stuff from – we had to know! Mostly tonight we were reveled with tales of the loot people scored – Serg got a bunch of bins of records…which ended up only having about 5 worth keeping, Tenaya got a killer guitar that he named The Riff Mare, and Brent told us about his need to purchase a 40-foot storage container. And a jukebox. Lots of interesting stuff, sure. But then we kind of veered onto a different subject for the night. Hodaddy needed help, and we were his only hope.

Without divulging too much information, Hodaddy told us that his girlfriend’s sister is a total whacko and the literal definition of crazy. But what’s worse than dating someone with a crazy sister is when that crazy sister decides that she wants to come stay the night in your apartment. And like any self-respecting human, Dj Hodaddy had to come up with an excuse to keep the looney out of his bin – but what do you do when she doesn’t respond to just no? So Hodaddy opened up his dilemma to everyone in the Real Punk Radio chat room, what excuse could he give to his girlfriend’s crazy sister to keep her out of his house?

Some of the Invaders had very practical advice – Keenan suggested that Hodaddy just say they would be out visiting other relatives for the night and Brent said that there was nothing he could do and he should just repress his anger and drink heavily all night. But then things got weird. We started getting suggestions that Hodaddy should start up a ferret farm in his apartment or hosting unscrupulous activities for obese truckers in his living room. At least the later will give Hodaddy the chance to make some killer cheese plates! Have you ever had to come up with a reason to keep crazy family out of your house? What are some excuses you can loan to Hodaddy? Leave a comment below.

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So what is your best Craigslist story?

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Shout So Loud — In HeavenCherry Red
Meteors — Mutant Rock — Mutant Rock” 7″ — WXYZ
Meteors — The Cutter Cuts While The Widow Weeps — Hymns for the HellboundPeople Like You
Hot Roddin’ Romeos — Red Fury — BoozehoundsSplatterhouse Wreckords
Reverend Horton Heat — Big Little Baby — The Full Custom Gospel Sounds — Sub Pop
Bamboula — Get Out — Guilty PleasuresKaiser Records
Krewmen — Evil — Sweet Dreams — Lost Moments
Hard Money Saints — Hot Rod Trash — Hot Rod Trash — Self Release
Nekromantix — Down In The Swamp — Hellbound — Tombstone
Raymen — Paralyzed — Going Down To Death Valley — Rebel Rec.
Surfin’ Wombatz — From Beyond — Dr. Sathans House Of Terror — Sarek
Goddamn Gallows — Heaven — Ghost of Th’ Rails — GBC
Angie & The Carwrecks — Your Day Will Come — Half Grass — Splatterhouse Wreckords
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Zombie Bride — Enter The Curse Of The Black Tongue — Self Release
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats — Pretty Boy Billy — Train To Paradise — Self Release
Frogs — Gleis 13 — Razmataz RecordsRazmataz Records
Calavera — Rollin N Tumblin’ — Celebrate The Living — Dr. Acula
Los Rancheros — Mission Impossible — A Tribute To Batmobile — Downer
Dave Myers And The Surftones — Road To Rincon — Hangin’ Twenty! — Del-Fi
Impacts — Revellion — Wipe Out — Del-Fi
Primate — Speed Boat — 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-APE! — Hubba Hubba
Sir Bald Diddley — Fezora — Get Ahead Get A Fez! — Alopecia
De-Fenders — Deuces Wild — Drag Beat — Del-Fi
Mach Kung-Fu — Mega Cycle — Bugged! — Time Bomb
Bomboras — War Of The Satellites — Head Shrinkin’ Fun — Zombie A Go-Go
Krontjong Devils — Moovin — Moovin With The Krontjong Devils — Kogar
Scallywags — Get Crazy — 3 of a KindCrazy Love
Skitzo — No Return — The Glove — Fury
Cyclone — Telegram Sam — First Of The Cyclone Men — Crazy Love
Restless — The Girl On Death Row — Hell’s Bent On Rockin!Nervous
Mad Sin — Planet Paradise — Chills And Thrills In A Drama Of Mad Sin And Mystery — Maybe Crazy
Klingonz — My Little Sister’s Gotta Motor Bike — The Best Of Klingonz — Fury
Go-Katz — Fine Thing Baby — Real Gone Baby — Raucous Records
Go-Katz — You’re My Baby — Real Gone Baby — Raucous Records
Alley Dukes — Dirty White Girl — Go Back To College — Flying Saucer
Nick Curran and the Low Lifes — Baby You Crazy — Reform School Girl — Eclecto Groove
Sonics — Have Love Will Travel — Here Are The Sonics — Ettiquette
Shivering Denizens — Crooked And Crazy — Sex, Drugs & Outlaw Country — Self Release
The Quakes — Revenge Is Mine — Last Of The Human Beings — Orrexx
Chip Hanna & The Berlin Three — Drinkin’ State Of Mind — Live On Your Stage Soon — Acetate
James Hunnicutt — Don’t Look Back — 26 Shots At The Bar — Self Release
Mutilators — Gay Love Song For Nick 13 — Psychotic Boogaloo — Self Release
Caravans — That’s My Belief — Straightside — Crazy Love
Frantic Flintstones — You’re Wondering Now — Too Sweet To Die — Cherry Red
Deadbolt — I Saw The King — Haight Street Hippie Massacre — Cargo
John Schooley and His One Man Band — I Don’t Like The Blues No How — One Man Against The World — Voodoo Rhythm
Bloodshot Bill — Baby Don’t Like It — The Lonesome Road — Norton
Legendary Shack Shakers — No Such Thing — Pandelirium — YepRoc
Slim Cessna’s — This Is How We Do Things In The Country — The Bloudy Tenet Truth Truth Peace — Alternative Tentacles
Demented Are Go — Daddy’s Making Monsters — Daddy’s Making Monsters — Crazy Love
Los Gatos Locos — Orgy Of Blood And Guts — Juvenile Delinquent — IFA
Dead Kings — Never Get Out — King By Death Fool For A Lifetime — Crazy Love
Madheads — Psychollela — Naked Flame — Crazy Love

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