Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

INVASION Recap & Update


Photo by Nicole Pike

Wow! Last night was a blast!

HUGE thank you to Slims Last Chance Saloon for housing the 2nd Annual Zorch Invasion. Celeste, Jim, Travis and the rest of the crew confirmed that yes, Slim’s is still my favorite venue in Seattle by a long shot. Curse of the Black Tongue’s temporary addition of Steve Lykken (Bottlenose Koffins) went absolutely perfect, and their set even included a Black-Toungued version of Grandma’s best back seat bop: Love Potion No. 9! In addition, I heard rumors that they will be recording some new material soon. Following Curse of the Black Tongue, The Load Levelers killed it! I honestly cannot think of a more fitting band for a venue like Slim’s. Always a great stage presence, perfect songs for drunk crowd vocals, blitzed-out twangified rock and roll; Load Levelers always kick ass and never let down expectations. They play again on Thursday the 16th at the Highline to benefit Allen Tompkins of Spiderface, who recently lost his home in a fire

After the Load Levelers, a bunch of shouting cops busted down the doors! Everybody went scrambling, but before you could ask if you were being detained, they… took the stage??? A familiar intro track was laid out by these policemen and we knew “No, these guys are one of us.” With batons and badges, Graveyard Shift welcomed Slim’s to the neighborhood and settled in with a more-than-complete set. Tables were pushed out of the way for wild wrecking pit as Graveyard Shift played every single one of their songs, and then some! Covers included Los Gatos Locos “Orgy of Blood and Guts,” Dead Kennedys “Police Truck,” The Cramps “Human Fly,” and an additional Cramps cover of “TV Set” which featured Doc of The Dead Vampires on vocals. Graveyard Shift finished their set with the crowd demanding an encore, to which they replied “We played all of our songs… so which one do you want to hear again?” It was everything you could have asked for and then some.

If you need a little more, or couldn’t make it to the gig, then make sure to pre-order your wax version of Graveyard Shift’s full length album “Rest Without Peace.”

These types of shows don’t happen without the amazing support from the PNW psychobilly scene. Big thanks to all of the familiar faces in the crowd and especially those that brought unfamiliar faces. Cheers to Jimmy The Superbeast for the amazing poster, Real Punk Radio for the presentation and promotional channels, all the bands on the bill for your craft (there would be no gig without the bands!) and cheers those that Invaded Slim’s (sorry if I missed you or didn’t get to say hi): Shane, Trevor, Tiffany, Nicole, Jason, Kristof, Sara, Justin, Matt, Yasuo, Pam, Andy, Brian, Jerry and everybody else who came and brought friends. High attendance at these types of gigs is what lets us put more of them on in the future. Thanks to those who resisted the temptation of staying home for Seinfeld reruns and left over Digiorno.

Unfortunately, due to display of popular interest, last night’s gig will be our last Annual Zorch Invasion.

Because we are scrapping the “Annual” and going to do these twice a year! Mark you calendars for Friday, April 17th 2015 at Slim’s! See you there, Invaders!

-Djake Noose

P.S. If you took pictures or video of the show last night, please post comment below with a link to share.

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