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Zorch Radio Episode 210: INVASION!


Zorch Radio Episode 210: INVASION!

Airdate: Thursday, October 9th, 2014

It was another fantastic night full of psychobilly on Real Punk Radio, and the topic for the evening was all about ANOTHER night full of psychobilly. Yes! Everybody was on the seat of their edge waiting for the Zorch Invasion! The chat room was discussing the question: If you could bring anybody, Alive or Dead, to the Invasion, who would you bring?

Slim’s Last Chance Saloon will be INVADED Friday, October 10th for the Zorch Invasion with Curse Of The Black Tongue, The Load Levelers and Graveyard Shift!

If the Invasion isn’t enough for you, then check out our Events Page for figuring out how to spend your nights off, or stop by the Donate page to find out how to support the program. Follow Zorch Radio on Twitter or send records to our new mailbox listed on the contact page.

If you like the music we play, then support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Let us know in a comment who you would bring to the Invasion, regardless of if they are alive or dead.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Disneyland — Undead, Unfriendly & Unstoppable — Anagram
Meteors — Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit — Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit — Anagram
Meteors — Mind Over Matter — Sewertime BluesAnagram
Graveyard Shift — Decapitate You — Rest Without PeaceDead Body Wreckerds
Load Levelers — Gotta Go — Got Bills to PayAin’t That a Rat’s Ass
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Lights Over Bellingham — Glimpses of Insanity — Self Release
Mad Dog Cole — I’m In Pittsburgh — Ultra ViolenceCrazy Love
Nekromantix — Alice In Psycholand — Curse of the CoffinNervous
Bamboula — Bamboula Bop — The Sick Ones — Flying Saucer
Brioles — Hard Drinkin Woman — Jungle Jamboree — Revel Yell
Tabaltix — My Woman Is A Leach — Muh To The Muh a Tribute to The Frantic Flintstones — Red Five
Gravediggers — Get Off My Back — Move It!Crypt
Frogs — Surfin’ At The Swamp — Razmataz RecordsRazmataz Records
Krewmen — Take A Little More — Plague of the DeadLost Moment
Batmobile — Lover Not A Fighter — Bambooland — Count Orlok
Rusty Robots — Wooden Leg — We Are The Rusty Robots — Razmataz Records
Multilators — Punkabilly Princess — I’m So Psychobilly — Self Release
Frankie & The Poolboys — Teke, Teke, Teke — Pollo Del Mar Presents: — Double Crown
Dave Myers And The Surftones — Exotic — Surf War — Sundazed
Darts — Gaucho — Hollywood Drag — Del Fi
Phantom Surfers — Legend Of The Phantom Surfer — 18 Deadly Ones — Norton
Bomboras — Tortilla — Savage Island! — Dionysus
Orchester Charles Blackwell — The Bumble Beat — Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain — Archive Int’l
Load Levelers — Shut Yer Yap — A Half Step FlatAin’t That a Rat’s Ass
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Radiation Blues — Glimpses of Insanity — Self Release
Graveyard Shift — Welcome To The Neighborhood — Rest Without PeaceDead Body Wreckerds
Blue Demon — Fabulous Bastards — Shot To Ruin — Mimashima
Quakes — Wasted — Last Of The Human Beings — Orrexx
Devil’s Wheel — Hellbent — Devil’s WheelCrazy Love
Lonesome Kings — Hell’s What I’m Used To — Shotgun Full of Blues — Emerald City Sounds
Black Rose Phantoms — Dead Man Walking — Love You More Dead — Smelvis
Mad Sin — Psychotic Night — A Ticket Into Underworld — Crazy Love
Flamenco Death — Paranoid James Bond — Flamenco DeathCrazy Love
Mad Dog Cole — Hell’s What I’m Used To — Ultra ViolenceCrazy Love
Monsters — Get On The Right Track Baby — Birds Eat MartiansVoodoo Rhythm
Retrogretion — You Can’t Catch Me — Cardinal — Loft
Legendary Shack Shakers — Agony Wagon — Believe — Yep Roc
Spike — Rock Generation Part II — Dressed In Black Storm — On The Hill
Reverend Beat-Man — Letter To Myself — Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol2 — Voodoo Rhythm
Satan’s Pilgrims — Ichabob Crane — ID074588 — Dionysus
Mondo Topless — Crawl — International Stomp-O-Lation — Kaiser Records
Les Sexareenos — Carolina, Yeah! — Live! In The Bed — Sympathy For The Record Industry
Milkshakes — The Red Monkey — Revenge Of The Killer PussiesAnagram
Tall Boys — Final Kick — Funtime — Big Beat
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Gun To My Head Kill Me Now Whoaaa!!! (The Song) — Glimpses of Insanity — Self Release
Stinky Lou And The Goon Mat — Supermarket — 12 Roots N Boogie Blues Hits — Voodoo Rhythm
Load Levelers — Motel El Paso — America… F**k Yeah!!Splatterhouse Wreckords
Graveyard Shift — I Need You — Rest Without PeaceDead Body Wreckerds

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