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Zorch Radio Episode 207: Essential Brony Albums


Zorch Radio Episode 207: Essential Brony Albums

Airdate: Thursday, September 18th, 2014

95% of what we do at Zorch Radio has to do with music. The other 5% consists of beer, and trashy movies. So you could say that music is a really important part of our lives. But as an Invader, music is a big part of your life too, and we wanted to turn tonight’s episode’s focus on music and the albums that we play. There is nothing better than a band that releases an album that makes you feel like your life has been incomplete up until the first moment – but does that make for an essential album? Tonight we asked those in the Real Punk Radio our big question for the evening: What makes an album essential?

Serg said that if you felt the desire to have the album on every kind of medium – 8 track, vinyl, CD, digital download – then that made it an essential album. Kjersti and Hodaddy both agreed that an album kind of had to slip below the radar and flow easily, almost subconciously, and surprise you when the whole thing comes to the end. But what everyone could agree on is that once an album gets its hooks in you, it’ll never let go. Post a comment below letting us know what makes an album “essential” to you.

Tonight, we also premiered a new track from Seattle band The Wages of Sin off their new album “Queensbury Rules.” Stop by the Tractor Tavern next Friday 9/26 for their album release party if you are n Seattle and make sure to hit up to Slim’s for the Zorch Invasion on October 10th to see Curse Of The Black Tongue, The Load Levelers and Graveyard Shift.

Check out our Events Page for figuring out how to spend your nights off, or stop by the Donate page to find out how to support the program. Follow Zorch Radio on Twitter or send records to our new mailbox listed on the contact page.

If you like the music we play, then support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Let us know what makes an albums “essential” to you in the comments below.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Swamp Thing — The Mutant Monkeys And The Surfers From Zorch — Cherry Red
Meteors — Chainsaw Boogie — Madman Roll — Sonovabitch
Meteors — Rattle Snakin Daddy — Wreckin’ Crew — Castle Music
Swampy’s — Cinderella — Come Back To The Swamp — MPR Musik
Juke Box — Tender Ghost — Splendid Seven — Mikadox
Flapjacks — I Ain’t The One — Move To Mars — Last Chance
Reverend Beat-Man & The Un-Believers — Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord — Primitive Preacher Rock ‘N’ Roll — Voodoo Rhythm
Load Levelers — Fistfull Of Dollars — Got Bills to PayAin’t That a Rat’s Ass
Arkhams — Running Wheel — Sexy Babies Across The Wasteland — Sexy Baby
Deadcats — Rocket To The Moon — Look Like Hell! — Flying Saucer
Guana Batz — Slippin’ In — Shake It Up — Vinyl Japan
Sharks — Moonstomp (Do What You Want) — Phantom Rockers — Nervous
Three Blue Teardrops — Headin For Disaster — Rustbelt Trio — Self Release
Reverend Horton Heat — Baby You Know Who — Smoke ’em If You Got ’em — Sub Pop
Bloodshot Bill — So Blue — So Blue — Transistor 66
Wreckin Machine — 3 Days — Never Look Back — Self Release
Alley Dukes — No More Hot Dogs — Northern Rednecks — Flying Saucer’s — Lets Have A Party — Can’t Help It — Rockville
Speed Crazy — Dead At The Wheel — Chicken Fried Valentine EP — Slow ‘n’ Sober
Graceland Five — Don’t Be Cruel — Too Fast For Memphis — 48th Avenue Wrekards
Splashdowns — Laughing Boy — Splashdowns — Self Release
Stafford & The Bentz Brothers — Bombay Duck — Stafford & the Bentz Brothers — 48th Avenue Wrekards
Mercury Four — Skater Dater — Endless Beach — Self Release
Link Wray & The Raymen — Dueces Wild — 807 — Norton
Kriptons — Manga Madura — Cazumbi — No Smoke
Los Strait Jackets — Squid — Fortune Cookie — Yep Roc
Stars Of Bombay — The Sender — Stars Of Bombay — Self Release
Verb — Squad Car — Reverberated… For Your Pleasure — Self Release
Los Gatos Locos — Hate Train — Psychobillun Baptism — Tombdisc
Graveyard Shift — Bloodstains — Rest Without Peace — Dead Body Wrekerds
Graveyard Shift — Coffin Cadillac — Rest Without Peace — Dead Body Wrekerds
Demented Are Go — Funnel Of Love — HellucifernationCrazy Love
Monsters — Blow Um Mau Mau — Pop Up Yours — Voodoo Rhythm
Monsters — Ces Coir — Pop Up Yours — Voodoo Rhythm
Legendary Shack Shakers — Easter Flesh — Swamp Blood — Yep Roc
Legendary Raw Deal — Outlaw Man — Outlaw ManCherry Red
The Spectres — Rockabilly Macabre — Rubber Room Rock — My Checkbook
Frantic Flintstones — Fruit Batz — Flesh ‘N’ Fantasy — Tomb
Season of Nightmares — Silver Bullet — Monster Mash Into The Fifth Dimension — Flying Saucer
Frantic Flintstones — Stangulation — California Earthquake — Yep Roc
James Hunnicutt — Don’t Look Back — 26 Shots At The Bar — Self Release
Rattlers — Never Say Die — Loaded Dice — Nervous
Kryptos — Between Here And There — Kryptos Ep — Rockin’ Psycho
Wages of Sin — Murder — Queensbury Rules — My Checkbook
.357 String Band — Holy Water — Fire & Hail — Pistol Beat Aces Music
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Radiation Blues — Glimpses of Insanity — Self Release
Dead Kings — Do The Hack — King By Death Fool For A Lifetime — Crazy Love
Mad Heads — Radioactive Rock — Psychoburg — Kankah
Hard Money Saints — C.B. 750 — You’re Scarin Me — Self Release
Guanabatz — Lady Bacon — Held Down To Vinyl At Last! — Cherry Red
String Kings — Bloodshot — Bloodshot! — Deadbeat
Deadman — Silver Dollar — Filthy Blues — Self Release
Jack Rabbit Starts — Glory — Jack Rabbit Starts — Self Release
Satan’s Pilgrims — Frankenstomp — Satan’s Pilgrims — MuSick

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