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Zorch Radio Episode 206: Black Cheeseburgers


Zorch Radio Episode 206: Black Cheeseburgers

Airdate: Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Uncontrollable desire, regret, lost love, or even lost lunches…

It seems like a good idea after a cheap ass half rack and the sign off of the Thursday Night Wrecking Pit, but in actuality, there are few good ideas around fast food. This evening, we -tossed- around some of our stories of the WORST fast food ideas and experiences. Whether it’s black cheeseburgers, Jack In The Box’s relentless marketing to Washington’s “green liberties,” Chicken McNoggins, or even toes in your Wendy’s chili, it seems like’s everybody’s had some unfortunately memorable experiences with fast food.

Kjersti had the night off, so it was just Hoddady, Djake, and you holding the fort down. In addition to more info on the 2nd Annual Zorch Invasion, we had a new record to deflower: The 1991 Dionysis release of The Hellbillys’s first EP! Lots of requests for Seattle act Los Gatos Locos, and a small block of New England psychobilly tied this episode up to showcase some great American psychobilly acts. If you need to experience some yankeebilly first hand, then make sure to hit up to Slim’s for the Zorch Invasion on October 10th to see Curse Of The Black Tongue, The Load Levelers and Graveyard Shift.

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If you like the music we play, then support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

As we are almost all avid fans of horror, we’d love to hear your fast food horror stories. Share it in a comment below.

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Out Of Time — Monkeys Breath — Anagram
Meteors — King Of The Mutilators — Psycho DownCherry Red
Meteors — The Devil Went Down To Moose’s — DemonopolySonovabitch
Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys — Hellbound — Storming The Gates — Analog Arkives
Johnny Love and Speed — Hot Damn — Mobtown Swing — Self Release
Violent Shifters — Dead Lover — Twin Cities Rockabilly Presents — Self Release
Gamblers Mark — My Guitar — The Last Chance SaloonYep Roc
Tazmanian Devils — Mr. Bartender — Razmataz RecordsRazmataz Records
Tabaltix — Rob the Bank — Sex, Pugs And Rock’n’RollCrazy Love
Rawheads — Pinhead — Dawn Of The 7 Inch People — Rumble
Bullet Biters — Radar In Her Head — Intergalactic Mental Alert! — Teosto
Batmobile — Kiss Me Now — Bail Was Set At $6,000,000 — Nervous
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Zombie Strippers From Outer Space — Glimpses of Insanity — Self Release
Barnyard Ballers — Exterminate — Rock Out With Yer Cock Out — Insane
Dicemen — Boogieman — A Thing Called Rock ‘N’ Roll — Lude Boy
Degenerated — Zombiefied Society — Aargh!Crazy Love
Frantic Flintstones — Alley Cat King — The Raucous RecordingsRaucous Records
Degenerated — Swamp Thing — Aargh!Crazy Love
Link Wray — Ace Of Spades — Law Of The Jungle — Ace
Bomboras — Surfin’ Bull — Swingin’ Singles — Dionysus
Sir Bald Diddley — Alopecia — Live! — Alopecia
Satan’s Pilgrims — Steel Pier — Soul PilgrimEstrus
Stars Of Bombay — The Sender — Stars Of Bombay — Self Release
Razorblades — Yes Sir, I Can Surf! — The Dark Side Of The Beach — General Schallplatten
Phantom Surfers — Banzai Run — New Waves — Rhino
Ghastly Ones — A Final Warning — A-Haunting We Will Go-GoTelstar
Graveyard Shift — The End Of The World — Rest Without PeaceDead Body Wreckerds
Spellbound — A Night Out In Hellfire Woods — A Fistful Of Spells — Self Release
Sir Psyko & His Monsters — Fire (AshTo Ash) — Reapers Tale — Crazy Love
Los Creepers — Drive Me Wild — Psycho Ward — Boss Beat
Stockmen — Riot — Psycho Down — Boss Beat
Otvinta — Track 12 — 1st Compilation Of Ukrainian Rockabilly & Psychobilly — Rostok
Surfin’ Wombatz — I Hear The Pounding Of My Heart — Zorch Factor 2 & 3 — Crazy Love
Cosmic Voodoo — She’s My Witch — Vertigo — Kaiser Records
Los Gatos Locos — Dog Eat Dog — Even Sociopaths Get the Blues — Zodiac Killer
Los Gatos Locos — Until I Gain Control — Even Sociopaths Get the Blues — Zodiac Killer
Los Gatos Locos — Juvenile Delinquent — Juveile Delinquent — IFA
Legendary Shack Shakers — Help Me From My Brain — Cockadoodledon’t — Bloodshot
Chop Tops — Hard Luck — Rock Around The Cock Vol 1 — Cock n’ Kitten
Elokins — Come On Baby Cheese — Exotic Elobilly — Elokin’ Donuts
Eightmen — Jameson — Eightmen — Vinyl Japan
Slap Chops — Evil Spirit — Michinoku Heatwave — Blue Stone
Critters Created — 2021 Garaxian Circuit — Pep 004 — Planet
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats — Junglebella — Life Is Hard Death Is Neat! — Self Release
Sugar Puff Demons — Family In A Suitcase — Falling From GraceAnagram
Phantom Cowboys — Voodoo Bunnies — Deathrow: Chronicles of PsychobillyAnagram
Shakeout — Breakin’ Loose — Deathrow: Chronicles of PsychobillyAnagram
Elecmatics — Bum — Hypnos — Tail Crush
Monsters — High Heels And Mini Skirt — Youth Against NatureVoodoo Rhythm
Sunny Domestozs — (Dawning Of A) New Era — Playin’ Favourites — Built For Speed
Hell Billys — Dragstrip Girl — ID074523 — Groovemaster Music
Load Levelers — Shut Yer Trap — A Half Step FlatAin’t That a Rat’s Ass
Goddamn Gallows — Raise The Moon — 7 DevilsFarmageddon Records

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