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Zorch Radio Episode 204: Prank Legacies


Zorch Radio Episode 204: Prank Legacies

Airdate: Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Everyone loves a good laugh, sometimes even at the expense of someone else. During tonight’s episode of Zorch Radio, we decided to turn our attention to The Art of The Prank. We asked the Invaders in the Real Punk Radio chat room to share their prank legacies, whether it was them pulling it or it being pulled on them. Some of our favorites came from Invaders Brent and Eugene – Brent shared his college prank of switching out his roommate’s water bottle with a bottle of vodka, and Eugene suggested zip-tying your friend’s tools together.

Also going on tonight aside from asking about pranks and swapping stories, DJ Hodaddy took over the turntables for the last hour of the show and shared his own brand of sleaze before the big announcement of the night was unveiled. The 2nd Annual Zorch Invasion has set a date for Friday October, 10th and will be taking over Slim’s Last Chance in Seattle. We’ve already announced that acts Graveyard Shift and The Load Levelers are on the bill, and tonight was the night we announced the FINAL act for the Invasion: Curse Of The Black Tongue!

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If you like the music we play, then support the artists and our scene by purchasing their music. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us with the link so we can update our database.

Are you also a master of pranks like Djake Noose and Dj Hodaddy? Or as you the prankee like Kjersti the Valkyrie? Leave a comment below and tell us about the greatest prank that you’ve ever been involved in!

Band — Song — Album — Label

Meteors — Black Black Night — Hymns for the HellboundPeople Like You
Meteors — Mutant Rock — Mutant Rock” 7″ — WXYZ
Meteors — Maniac — In HeavenAnagram
Magnetics — Fear Of A Girl — Psycho Attack Over Europe Part 2Kix 4 U
Scallywags — Lets Break The Law — 3 of a KindCrazy Love
Cyclone — Psyclone Shock — The First Of The Cyclone Men — Crazy Love
Skitzo — No Return — The Glove — Fury
Brainbatz — Venusian Love Chants — The Curse Of The Brain Bats — Cyclone
Calavera — Sugar Skulls — Resurrect The Dead… Celebrating The Living — Dr.Acula
Mosquito — Hard-On Rock — A Tribute To Batmobile — Downer
Barnyard Ballers — Exterminate — Rock Out With Yer Cock Out — Insane
Ape City R&B — Fire Starter — Fire Starter — La-Ti-Da
Lonsome Kings — Cold Black Sunday — Legendary Suffering — Kaiser Records
Madheads — Frightened By The Darkness — Naked Flame — Crazy Love
Demented Scumcats — Man Of Constant Sorrow — Splatter Baby — Crazy Love
Sharks — Ghost Train — Hell’s Bent On Rockin!Nervous
Frogs — Witch! — Razmataz RecordsRazmataz Records
Mad Sin — Brain — Chills and Thrills in a Drama of Mad Sins and Mystery — Maybe Crazy
Three Blue Teardrops — Cadillac Jack — Poised In Hate — Teen Rebel
Krewmen — It’s A Sin — Sweet DreamsLost Moment
Demented Are Go — Surf Ride To Oblivion — Kicked Out Of Hell — Cherry Red
Mach Kung-Fu — Megacycle — Bugged! — Timebomb
Impacts — Steel Pier — Wipe Out — Del-Fi
Finks — Road Kill — Fill ‘Er Up And Go! — Dionysus
De-Fenders — Drag Beat — Drag Beat — Del-Fi
Sir Bald Diddley — Ripcurl — Get Ahead Get A Fez! — Alopecia
Davie Allan & The Arrows — U.F.O. — Devil’s Rumble — Sundazed
Thee Cormans — Satanismo — Halloween Record — In-The-Red
Go Katz — Living In Your Shadow — Real Gone Katz — Raucous Records
Caravans — Freight Train — Straightside — Crazy Love
Bloodshot Bill — Tell Yer Mama — The Lonesome Road — Norton
Alley Dukes — …On My Face — …Go Back to College! — Flying Saucer
Reverend Horton Heat — Wigglestick — Full Custom Gospel Sounds of — Sub Pop
Goddamn Gallows — City of Hell-A — Ghost of Th’ Rails — GBC
Klingonz — Oompa Loopma — The Best of — Fury
Bamboula — Cannibal — Guilty PleasuresKaiser Records
Wailers — Scotch on the Rocks — EP – 085 — Norton
Joe Tex — Cut It Out — R&B Bonanza — Ace
Willie Joe and His Unitar — Unitar Rock — Beat from Badsville Vol 1 — Stag-O-Lee
Screamin’ Joe Neal — Tell Me Pretty Baby — 45-033-B — Norton
Esquerita — Rockin’ The Joint — 45-014-B — Norton
Alabama Shakes — Pocket Change Mama — ATO-0145 — ATO
Daddy Long Legs — Long John ‘s Jump — MRMR-017 — Muddy Roots
Little Walter — Mellow Down Easy — Wizards From the Southside — Chess
Jimmy Stewart — Rock on the Moon — Songs the Cramps Taught Us — CATO
Groupies — Primitive — Songs the Cramps Taught Us — CATO
Stray Cats — Ubangi Stomp — Stray Cats — EMI
Wanda Jackson — Fujiyama Mama — Rockin’ Bones — Rhino
Elroy Dietzel — Rock-N-Bones — Rockin’ Bones — Rhino
Kid Thomas — Wail Baby Wail — DNL-004 — DnL
Little Richard — Long Tall Sally — Best of Little Richard — Up Front
Little Richard — Oh My Soul — Best of Little Richard — Up Front
Gene Vincent — Cruisin’ — The Bop that Just Won’t Stop — Capitol
Newport Nomads — Harlem Bells — The Surf Creature Vol. 3 — Romulan
Curse Of The Black Tongue — Enter the Curse of the Black Tongue — Enter the Curse of the Back Tongue — Self Released

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