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Zorch Radio Episode 169: Magnetic Juggalos

Zorch Radio Episode 169: Magnetic Juggalos
Airdate: Thursday, November 21, 2013


Tonight’s episode lasted a mere 2 hours as we rebroadcasted an episode of Gone Mental towards the end of the show. But before we let Twin Cities Rockabilly take over, we made sure to have some of our own fun.

Kjersti and Jake discussed the merits of Sukiyaki Western Django, if any. DJ Hodaddy told us to dig No More Lies by The Gruesomes, and we talked about an upcoming show in Shoreline where the legendary ‘The ‘Verb’ will be playing.

Are you planning on making it out to Darrell’s Tavern to see The ‘Verb? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you like the music we play, then support the artists by purchasing their music. These podcasts are only mono/40kbps, which is a very small fraction of the album’s original quality, so just imagine how much you’ll dig the real thing. The albums in the playlist below are hyperlinked to where you can buy it. If you’re in a band listed below and know of a better place for people to buy your music, please contact us so we can update our database. Please support our scene and give back to the artists.

Artist / Song / Release / Label

Meteors Mutant Rock Graveyard Stomp Nectar
Meteors Just The Three Of Us Teenagers From Outerspace Big Beat
Meteors When Darkness Falls These Evil Things Headhunter
Radiacs Jungle Rock Hellraiser Link
Krewmen Night Shift Blues The Adventures Of The Krewmen Crazy Love
Guana Batz Rockin’ In My Coffin SW 89 Big Beat
Sugar Puff Demons The Mask Falling From Grace Cherry Red
Cramps Her Love Rubbed Off Bikini Girls With Machine Guns Enigma
Dicemen Go Fuck You A Thing Called Rock and Roll Lude Boy
Hard Money Saints Lightning Strikes Suicide Shift Revved Up
Voodoo Kings Cramped Up Systems Green Nervous
Mad Sin Psychotic Night A Ticket to the Underworld Crazy Love
Curse Of The Black Tongue Radiation Blues Glimpses of Insanity Self Release
Celtix Vade Retro Promo CD” Crazy Love
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats Don’t Go In The Basement Bad Moon Death Trip Brundlebilly
Sharks Hooker Recreational Killer Anagram
Johnny Love and Speed Drink, Drink, Drink Mobtown Swing Love Wedge
Reverend Horton Heat Five-O Ford Liquor In The Front Sub Pop
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited Spooky Shore Phantom Rider Kebab
Frankie and the Pool Boys Teke, Teke, Teke Pollo Del Mar Presents Double Crown
New Dimensions Cat On A Hot Foam Board Surf’n Bongos Sutton
Barbwires Roger Mohre’s Last Sigh Rattlehead Kook
Bomboras Project Zero Head Shrinkin’ Fun Zombie A Go-Go
Mercury Four Quit Hoggin’ The Airlock Endless Beach Self Release
Dick Dale Nitro Tribal Thunder HighTone
Dwarves What Hit You Blood Guts And Pussy Sub Pop
Calavera Dead Love Calavera Love Arrow
Ralph Nielsen And The Chancellors Scream Back From The Grave Vol. 1 Crypt’s Oriental Rock’s Au Go Go
Batmobile Love Disease Go Psycho Kix 4 U
Hasil Adkins Truly Ruly Out To Hunch Norton
Tall Boys Dawn Of The Flies Revenge Of The Killer Pussies Anagram
Turkey Bones And The Wild Dogs Goldfish Revenge Of The Killer Pussies Anagram
Elokins Elovis Exotic Elobilly Elokin’ Donuts

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