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Zorch Radio Episode 148: The Legend Of Jesse James


Zorch Radio Episode 148: The Legend Of Jesse James
Airdate: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

TONS of psychobilly in this evening’s episode, mostly all from the vaults of legendary Seattle musician, Jesse James. Jesse is the current ringleader of Appalachian-Death-Polka band, The Wages of Sin, formerly the kingpin of Seattle psychobillies The Spectres, and was also an “undisputed king of American psychobilly” as a founding member of Los Gatos Locos. The All New KGRG FM really didn’t know what hit it.

Jesse came ready to talk about the upcoming gig at the The 2Bit with CanadiAmericana act Big John Bates and Seattle trashy weirdos Bottlenose Koffins on Friday June 7th. (Facebook Event Page)

Wages Gig

And while we did played the rare Mick 14 didgeridoo track in Episode 111, and his little known surf-rap group in Episode 69, we had never actually played a full track from Thee Tiger Armies. Until tonight about halfway through the episode!

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The Meteors – The Loneliness of the Long Distance Killer – from “These Evil Things” – Headhunter Records
The Meteors – Fire Fire – from “Graveyard Stomp” – Nectar Masters
The Meteors – Drag You Down to Hill – from “Doing the Lord’s Work” – People Like You Records
The Spectres – Rockabilly Massacre – from “Rubber Room Rock” – My Checkbook Records
The Gazmen – Rigormortis Rock – from “Rigormortis Rock with The Gazmen” – Rockout Records
Memphis Morticians – Roll Them Bones – from “1000 Delinquents” – Space Hearse Records
Season of Nightmares – Vigilante Murder Trail – from “Monster Mash into the Fifth Dimension” – Flying Saucer Records
The Wages of Sin – The Drunkard’s Prayer – from “Gringo Mariachi” – My Checkbook Records
Big John Bates – Taste the Barrel – from “Headless Fowl” – Frontman Records
Bottlenose Koffins – Dr. Underhill (Manson MD) – from “Gayzilla!” – Get Weird! Records
The Goddamn Gallows – The End of the World – from “7 Devils” – Farmageddon Records
Los Gatos Locos – Juvenile Delinquent – from “Juvenile Delinquent” – IFA Records
Ratted Roosters – Flat Broke – from “Next Heartbrake ¼ Mile” – Self-Released
Batmobile – Calamity Man – from “Bail Was Set at $6,000,000” – Nervous Records
The Reverend Horton Heat – Bad Reputation – from “Smoke ‘em if You Got ‘em” – Sub Pop Records
The Spectres – Flea Brain – from “I Sure Miss… Gene Vincent” – Rock Therapy Records
Mad Sin – Pink Hearse – from “Pink Hearse” – Raucous Records
The Krewmen – Paint It Black – from “Forbidden Planet” – Self-Released
The Meteors – Rhythm of the Bell – from “Hogs & cuties” – Mad Pig Records
The Spectres – Hell Ain’t Hot Enough – from “Sympathy for the Devil” – Raucous Records
Smell of Kat – Beware, the Kat – from “Slick & Rockin” – Vampirella Music
Los Gatos Locos – Space Fever – from “Psychobilly Baptism” – Tomb Disc
The Dead Cats – Psychocat – from “Bad Pussy” – Crazy Love Records
Tiger Army – Temptation – from “Early Years EP” – Hellcat Records
Big John Bates – Dig Myself a Hole – from “Vibro Psychotic” – Nearly Nude Music
The Lonesome Kings – Who’s Your Daddy – from “Who’s Your Daddy? LP” – Self-Released
Angie & The Car Wrecks – Draggin Down – from “Half Grass” – Splatterhouse Wreckords
The Meteors – Blue Sunshine – from “Teenagers From Outer Space” – Ace Records
The Monsters – Whiskey Song – from “The Monsters” – Crazy Love Records
The Wages of Sin – Baptized by Fire – from “Custom of the Sea” – My Checkbook Records
The Jim Jones Revue – Dishonest John – from “Burning Your House Down” – Punk Rock Blues Records
The Jim Jones Revue – High Horse – from “Burning Your House Down” – Punk Rock Blue Records
Social Distortion – Prison Bound – from “Prison Bound” – Restless Records
Lash Lariat and The Long Riders – Goodbye & Good Luck – from “Lash Lariat and The Long Riders” – Big Beat Records
Batmobile – Transsylvanian Express – from “Batmobile” – Rockhouse Records
Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat With Lord Benardo – Booooooogie! – from “12 Roots in Boogie Blues Hits” – Voodoo Rhythm Records
The Meteors – Torture – from “John Peel Sessions” – Raucous Records
The Sharks – Sir Psycho – from “Sir Psycho” – Fury Records
The Polecats – Headless Horseman – from “Nine” – Vinyl Japan
The Wages of Sin – Dia De Los Muertos – from “Drink and The Devil” – Self-Released
Nekromantix – Who Killed the Cheerleader – from “Return of the Loving Dead” – Hellcat Records
Curse of the Black Tongue – Zombie Stripper From Outer Space – from “Glimpses of Insanity” – Self-Released
Dead Bundy and The Neat Neat Neats – Legend of Johnny Bloodsaw – from “Bad Moon Death Trip” – Self-Released
Hard Money Saints – Shack Up – from “You’re Scarin Me” – Self-Released
The Spectres – I’m a Monster – from “The Great Exotic Zombie Shakedown!” – Crazy Love Records

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