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Zorch Radio Episode 118: Malfunction Junction

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Zorch Radio Episode 118: Malfunction Junction
Airdate: Thursday, October 18th, 2012

When everybody was getting ready for their two-spoon fulls of psychobilly-garage-trash on
The All New KGRG FM, Jake was pickin his nose and goofed up the intro. And that was only the start of the whole mess.

Something about this evening had these goddamn robots against us. Sure, most people would blame it on operator error, especially when the host can’t even remember which bands are from where (Sorry, Tabaltix), but you can’t shift the blame on a robot that randomly shuts off.

We were just ankle deep into in the evening’s rebroadcast of Gone Mental, when that computer overheated and went kaput. I would like to challenge everybody to try cueing up a record blindfolded while avoiding silence on the airwaves. We normally try not to ramble so much, but the real challenge is that KGRG’s turntables are about six feet away from the mic, and that’s about four feet too many for this deejay’s cubby little hobbit arms.

But hey, at least you know it’s live, right? And at least you know these podcasts aren’t just douchebaggeried-overproduced-Clear-Channel-enemas.

This evening, we were also giving away tickets to Maris Farms for their Haunted Woods, and Andrew from Snohomish was the lucky Invader who got to claim em.

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The Meteors – Liars in Wait – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Get Me to the World On Time – Ace Records
The Meteors – I’m Just a Dog – EMI
King Kurt – Bo Diddley – Stiff Records
Hot Roddin’ Romeos – Ralphy the Wolf – Self Released
Demented Are Go – Who Put Grandma Under the Stairs – Crazy Love Records
The Cramps – Ultra Twist – Medicine Label
Madheads – Psycholella – Crazy Love Records
Los Gatos Locos – Tombstone Boogie – Spindrift Records
The Krewmen – You Lied – Lost Moments Records
Seasons of Nightmares – Vigilante Murder Trail – Saucer Records
The Spectres – I’m a Monster – Crazy Love Records
Calavera – Rompe – Doctor Acula Records
Cosmic Voodoo – Vertigo – Kaiser Records
Sons of the Yompin Coackroaches – I’ve Got No Time – Kix 4 U Records
The Grims – Ride to Solitude – Self Released
The Gazmen – Rigormortis Rock – Rockout Records
Cyclone –Jungle Cat – Kix 4 U Records
Mutilators – Probe Me – Self Released
Ricochets – Buried Alive – Count Orlok Music
The Astroglides – anjksf;lksdn – Fast Music
Experiment Zero – Television Fission – Touch and Go
Satan’s Pilgrims – Scatter Sheild – Estrus
The Darts – Street Machine – Del-fi Records
Sincron – Pe Linga Plopii Para Sot – Archive Int’l Records
Kriptons – Billy Boom – Nosmoke Records
Sir Bald Diddley – Snake Pit – Alopecia Records
Primate 5 – Speed Boat – Hubba Hubba Records
Ralph Nielson and the Chancellors – Scream – Crypt Records
The Milkshakes – Red Monkey – Big Beat Records
The Sonics – Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie – Norton Records
The Flakes – Bip Bap Boom – Rock’n’Roll Records
Las Aspiradoras – Solo Lo Hago En Mi Moto – Sound Flat Records
The Flying Dutchmen – Run and Hide – Self Released
Reverend Beat-Man – Oh Lord! – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Haunted George – The Tomb – In the Red Records
Earls of Suave – Somebody Buy Me A Drink – Self Released
Earls of Suave – In My Dreams – Self Released
The Meteors – My Daddy is a Vampire – Ace Records

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