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Zorch Radio Episode 119: Kappa Kaiju

Zorch Radio Ep 119

Zorch Radio Episode 119: Kappa Kaiju
Airdate: Thursday, October 25th, 2012

“What the hell is a ‘Kappa?'” is probably what you’re asking right now. Good thing Nick Gucker cleared this up for us. After having met the chief-poster-designer of Grindhouse Theater (take a peek at his Evil Dead poster in Episode 115), we learned Nick was not only a fan of guitar legends like Davie Allan and Ennio Morricone, but he was also a musician. Nick called in to talk about his band Brain Hornet and their upcoming gig at the Seattle Funhouse (R.I.P.).

As if that wasn’t enough talk about the Grindhouse Theater, Justin Giallo also phoned in to talk up their upcoming showing of Phantasm. Check out Kjersti’s review of the film on her Trash-Tastic Thursday page.

Lots of grand pyschotronic rock and roll on The All New KGRG FM, too, with the debuting of the clean psychobilly sounds of the KDV Deviators and a wrong Madheads track. Oops! At least you know the show is live, right?

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The Meteors – Fool No More – Sonovabitch Records
The Meteors – Ride Bastards Ride – Sonovabitch Records
The Meteors – Bertha Lou – Sonovbitch Records
The KDV Deviators – Behind the Glass – Drunkabilly Records
The Sharks – I Can’t Stop – Nervous Records
The Riff Raffs – Dirty Word – Self Released
Guanabatz – Spector Love – Cherry Red
Long Tall Texans – Nothing Left but Bones – Anagram Records
The Elokins – Elokin Bop – Elokin Donuts
The Klingonz – Oompa Loompa – Fury Records
Gorilla – Playcard Maniacs – Crazy Love Records
Deadneks – Slaughterhouse Rock – Sickobilly Records
Calavera – Dead Love – Love Arrow Records
Chibuku – Throw Brains – Gonna Street Records
Goddamn Gallows – Ragz N Bones – Farmageddon Records
Arkhams – Running Wheel – Sexy Baby Records
Deltas – Pie’n’Mash – Vampirette Records
The Ricochets – Migraine – Nervous Records
Mario Bradley – Breakout – Fury Records
Memphis Morticians – Trash Devil Rock – Space Hearse Records
The Monsters – Black – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Becky Lee and Drunkfoot – Lies – Voodoo Rhythm Records
The Gories – Sister Ann – Fan Club
The – I Was a Teenage Cave Woman – Rockville Records
The Meteors – Radioactive Kid – Big Beat Records
Los Saicos – Deolicion – Munster Records
Kid Thomas – Wail Baby Wail – DNL Records
Wigsville Spliffs – I Ain’t Lonely No More – Raucous Records
Three Blue Teardrops – Little Lovely – Self Released
Polecats – 99 Chicks – Rock-A-Billy Records
Phantom Surfers – Legend of the Phantom Surfer – Norton Records
The Mercury Four – Kennewick Man – Self Released
Brain Hornet – Swamp Kappa – Self Released
Satan’s Pilgrims – Chestnut Trees and Bumblebees – SP Records
The Rhythm boys and Adnan Othman – Mari Ka Laut – No Smoke
The Ventures – Raunchy – Dolton Records
Jaguars – Roundabout – Epic Records
Del-Mars – Snacky Poo – Norton Records
Johnny and the Hurricanes – Reveille Records – Eric Records
The Wailers – Mashi – Imperial Records
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Phantom Rider – Sheep Records
The Finks – Road Kill – Dionysus Records
The Astronauts – Hot Doggin’ – RCA Victor
Splashdows – Dark Eyes – Self Released
The Surf Trio – Mile Zero – Blood Red Vinyl
Mondo Topless – Take It Slow – Get Hip Records
Primate 5 – She Cleans House – Rat City Records
No Tomorrow Boys – (Do the) No Tomorrow Twist – Teenage Riot Records
Ape City R&B – Dy-No-Mite – Slovenly Records
Sugar Puff Demons – Burn the Church – Link Records
The Swampys – Love Me – Self Released
Blue Demon – Mud ‘Round ‘Ere – Self Released
Mad Sin – Whirl Girl – Maybe Crazy Records
Madheads – The Road – Crazy Love Records
Untamed Youth – Pabst Blue Ribbon – Teen-Rage Records

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