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Zorch Radio Episode 135: Graham Kapowsin Klubfoot


Zorch Radio Episode 135: Graham Kapowsin Klubfoot
Airdate: Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Aside from premiering some psychobilly from Curse of the Black Tongue, The Squidbillys, The Quaranteds, some trashy blues from Stinky Lou, and some extra loud garage from The Bottlenose Koffins, we mainly talked movies tonight. In honor of Grindhouse Theater‘s screening of Blacula on 35mm film, we all shared our stories of what our favorite BAD movies are with a pair of ticket for Blacula up for grabs.

Charlie Splatterhead of Los Gatos Locos called in to talk about the upcoming Klubfoot USA festival and their latest album “Even Sociopaths Get The Blues” on Zodiac Killer Records. We also had Jo and Lawrence from Graham Kapowsin High School job shadowing The All New KGRG FM and capped off the show with a freshly-edited Gone Mental. If you missed your chance to plug your favorite “bad” movie, then leave a comment below.

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The Meteors – Last Bus to Sanity – People Like You Records
The Meteors – Be My Slave – Knockout Records
The Meteors – Raging Thunder – Sonovabitch Records
The Quaranteds – Kill, Kill, Kill – Self-Released
Krewmen – Guy Fawkes – Crazy Love Records
Spellbound – Joe – Kix 4 U Records
Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces – Zodiac Killer Records (Not “Dog Eat Dog,” doh!)
Calavera – Ojos de Mujeres Sin El Alma – Love Arrow Records
Memphis Morticians – Phantom Lover – Space Hearse Records
Reverend Horton Heat – Big Little Baby – Sub Pop Records
Graveyard Shift – Welcome to the Neighborhood – Dead Body Wreckerds
Los Difuntos – Poseur Josh – Nickel and Dime Records
Mutilators – I Want It All – Frisbee Records
Dice Men – Devil Woman – Lude Boy Records
Dragstrip Riot – In Flames – Magnum Twin Records
Gamblers Mark – Hollywood Nights – Western Star Records
Reverend Beatman – I See the Light – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Stinky Lou – Talking Man – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Crankshaft and The Gear Grinders – Overheatin’ – Slabtown Music
Kings of Nuthin – Where Do We Go? – Disaster Records
Batmobile – Lover Not a Fighter – Count Orlok Records
Curse of the Black Tongue – Zombie Strippers From Outer Space – Self-Released
Cold Blue Rebels – Blood Sweat and Tears – Horror High Records
The Squidbillys – Revenge of Lloyd Kaufman – Self-Released
Bottlenose Koffins – Gojira – Self-Released
Bonsai Kitten – Life is a Bitch and So Am I – Wolverine Records
Ricochets – Paranoia – Count Orlok Records
The Wailers – Hang Up – Norton Records
Ralph Nielson and The Chancellors – Scream – Crypt Records’s – Let’s Have a Party – Rockville Records
Mad Sin – Real Wild Child – Crazy Love Records

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