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BOTW on November 8th, 2012: Sonic Nightmares 50th Episode

Broadcast of the Week on Zorch Radio Episode 121
Airdate: November 8th, 2012
Congratulations! Sonic Nightmares #50 Anniversary Episode

Sonic Nightmares 50
Gringo Starr, Brother Panti-Christ, Reverend Beat-Man, and El Tiki take you through plenty of music and drinking with such surprises as live on the spot performances from the good and honorable Reverend Beat-Man. The episode runs through 4 song sets with plenty of good old punk that I’m too young to remember. Jerry’s Kids, TSOL, Angry Samoans, The Stooges, Gang Green…and not just the kind of things you shake your rubber hose at, there is some Urban Voodoo Machine and also the Magnetix. Two full hours of quality drunken radio programming, and not a single second wasted.

Listen to this Broadcast of the Week here:

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