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Zorch Radio Episode 134: The Pope Resigns on Valentine’s Day

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Zorch Radio Episode 134:
Airdate: Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Three full hours of psychobilly, rockabilly, and a dash of surf on The All New KGRG FM, and yet The Pope could not find a single love-themed song for Valentine’s Day. So he resigned. Or something like that….

While everyone else was out buying candy and greeting cards, Zorch Radio didn’t play into any of those corny-ass dedications, “shout-outs” or that lovey-dovey crap. Nah, we went the other direction – we wanted THE DIRT.

With a pair of tickets to see The Whammy! at El Corazon up for grabs, we asked you to share your WORST dating stories. If you missed your chance to share your sob story, then you can still spill your guys by leaving a comment below.

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The Meteors – Who Do You Love? – Sonovabitch Records
The Meteors – Hoover Rock – Anagram Records
The Meteors – When a Stranger Calls – Sanctuary Records Group
Reverend Horton Heat – Big Red Rocket of Love – Interscope Records
The Rocketz – All My Own – Self Released
7 Shot Screamers – Meet me – Westminster Music
The Polecats – Chicken Walk – Rock-A-Billy Records
Hard Money Saints – Hot Rod Trash – Self Released
Nicotyna – Que Dia Tan Cruel – Self Released
The Ricochets – Black Magic Baby – Nervous Records
Guanabatz – Take a Rocket – Anagram Records
The Spectres – The Great Erotic Zombie Shakedown – Crazy Love Records
Curse of the Black Tongue – Boss Hoss – Self Released
Graceland 5 – Viva Las Vegas – 48th Ave Records
Hot Roddin’ Romeos – Trailer Trash Whore – Splatterhouse Wreckords
Retrogretion – Cry Baby Boogie – Loft Records
Dead Man – Hush A Bye – Self Released
Demented Are Go – Rubber Love – ID Records
Deadneks – Miss Fortune – Sick Sick Sickobilly Records
Cosmic Voodoo – She’s My Witch – Kaiser Records
The Krewmen – What Are You Today – Crazy Love Records
Johnny Gunner and the Raiders – Atom Bomb Love – Foot Tapping Records
Mojo Nixon – I Hate Banks – Restless Records
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats – The Legend of Johnny Bloodsaw – Self Released
The Monster Klub – My Favorite Sin – No Co Records
Lonesome Kings – Sweet Little Succubus – Emerald City Sounds
The Hyperjax – Madam Butterfly – Cherry Bomb Recordings
The Memphis Morticians – Wailin’ Well – Kaiser Records
Tabaltix – Hot to the Touch – Crazy Love Records
Frenzy – All Alone – Crazy Love Records
Klingonz – Psycho Mansion – Fury Records
Colbert Hamilton and the Nitros – Bad Reputation – Nervous Records
The Viles – Miniskirt Blues – Ace Records
The Cramps – Love Me – A&M Records
The Primate 5 – She Cleans House – Rat City Records
Hasil Adkins – Everybody Loves Somebody – Norton Records
Billy Lamont – Hear Me Out – King Records
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My baby – Rhino Records
Bo Diddley – She’s Alright – Checker Recors
Whiskey Dick Mountain – Almost Gone – Monophone Records
Mama Rosin with Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers – Quel Espoir? – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Bevel Emboss – I Like Movies – BMRD Entertaniment
The Sharks – Slap Bass Billy – Raucous Records
Bobby Lewis – I’m Nervous – University of Vice Records
Sonics – Marlene – Norton Records
Pansy Division – Luv Luv Luv – Lookout Records

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