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Zorch Radio Episode 133: Smell the Beef


Zorch Radio Episode 133: Smell the Beef
Airdate: Thursday, February 7th, 2013

One of the finest attributes of broadcasting from Green River Community College is forming friendships and working relationships with the other DJs and show hosts of The All New KGRG FM. But sometimes such close quarters isn’t the best thing…

Before Zorch Radio, The All New KGRG FM‘s Puget Sound Underground plays four hours of hand picked local music from 3-7pm PST on Thursdays (you might remember their debut prior to Zorch Radio Episode 70?), but this week they left a little surprise for us. Walking into the station we were all hit with a wall of stink. Yep. Someone affiliated with The Puget Sound Underground ripped more-than-one in studio and left us to dwell in the funk. PUGET Sound Underground? More like PUTRID Sound Underground!

Before launching into a NEW episode of RadiOblivion, we asked for the input of The Invaders: WHAT DID THE MEMBER(S) OF PUGET UNDERGROUND EAT FOR LUNCH TO MAKE THIS STINK? Nobody was short on creativity tonight. We’re still bedazzled by this mystery, so if YOU have an idea, please let us know in a comment below.

To reward the best imagined source of Puget Sound’s gas-buffet, we gave away a pair of tickets to see rockabilly supergroup The Whammy! at El Corazon on Saturday February 23rd. Make sure to listen to future episode of Zorch Radio LIVE for your chance to win tickets to upcoming events.

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The Meteors – Disneyland – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Paranoid – People Like You Records
The Meteors – My Slaughtering Ways – People Like You Records
Memphis Morticians – Bury You Now, Dig You Later – Kaiser Records
Gravediggers – Hey Girl, Come See Me – Crypt Records
The Sting Rays – Escalators – Big Beat Records
The Meteors – Disneyland – Anagram Records
The Spectres – Comin’ Home – My Checkbook Records
Alley Dukes – Change My Way – Flying Saucer Records
Torment – Leap the Frog – Crazy Love Record
The Krewmen – Sweet Dreams – Lost Moments Records
Si Si Si – Kidnapped – Self Released
The Mummies – Justine – TelStar Records
The Mutilators – Punkabilly Princess – Self Released
Reverend Horton Heat – Five-O Ford – Sup Pop
Goddamn Gallows – A Sinner’s Song – GBC Records
Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys – Stormign the Gates – Analog Arkives
Hard Money Saints – Lighting Strikes – Revved Up Records
Hot Roddin’ Romeos – Wishin’ You Were Gone – Splatterhouse Wreckords
Slappin’ Suspenders – Duke’s Gonna Be Allright – Count Orlok Records
Les Sexareenos – Carolina, Yeah! – Sympathy for the Record Industry
Bomboras – Riot City – Dionysus Records
Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces – Zodiac Killer Records
The No Tomorrow Boys – Hang On Baby – Teenage-Riot Records
The Brioles – Sinner’s Train – Revel Yell Music
The A-Bones – Betty Lou Got A New Tattoo –Exile Records
Artificial Limbs – Your Little Scene – MyFatAss Productions
The Nevermores – Shallow Grave – Tirc Records
The Cramps – Bop Pills – Righteous Records
Bevel Emboss – The Goat Mode – Rough Trade Records

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