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BOTW on January 24th, 2013: Vinyl Avenger w/ Rockabilly Love Cats

Broadcast of the Week on Zorch Radio Episode 131
Airdate: January 24th, 2013
Congratulations! Vinyl Avenger w/ Rockabilly Love Cats live in Studio

Vinyl Avenger

Jacob here. Andy Asteroid was staying in The Gray Bar Motel this week, so we initially weren’t going to do a BOTW. As part of my weekly routine, after the show, I tuned into to the Vinyl Avenger’s show on KVMR while I’m saving my files, but this night’s episode caught my ears in a particular fashion. Olaf knows what’s up. This is for fans of 50’s-60’s bizarro rockers, lots of garage, instros, some psyche and rockabilly. Check out that killer Rumblers track half way into this episode or the live performance from Rockabilly Love Cats. KVMR on (most) Thursdays from 10pm-Midnight PST.

Listen to this Broadcast of the Week here:

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