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Zorch Radio Episode 124: Legal Marriage and Gay Weed


Zorch Radio Episode 124: Legal Marriage and Gay Weed
Airdate: Thursday, December 6th, 2012

This marked the first episode in Washington state where it was legal to get gay-married while wearin your red-eyed goofy-boots. Tonight also featured lots of talk about the following evening’s KGRG benefit gig and an extra saucy eppy-sode of RadiOblivion. But what we REALLY wanted to know was… What is YOUR vice?

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The Meteors – Attack of the Zorchmen – Cherry Red Records
The Meteors – Surfin’ on Planet Zorch – Cherry Red Records
The Meteors – Don’t Touch the Bang Bang Fruit – Anagram Records
Klingonz – H.O.M.O – Fury Records
Demented Are Go – Anal Wonderland – Crazy Love Records
Mutilators – Gay Love Song for Nick 13 – Self Released
Archie – Eat the Worm – Kix 4 U Records
Reverend Horton Heat – Marijuana – Sub Pop
Mojo Nixon – I Like Marijauna – Needletime
The Cramps – Primitive – A and M Records
The Trashmen – Bird 2 – Sound of Yesterday
Rapetiles – Three Months to Live – Rockin’ Psycho Records
The KDV Deviators – Dogbite – Drunkabily Records
The Sharks – Morphine Daze – Raucous Records
Goddamn Gallows – Smoke Satan – GBC Records
Bamboula – Chewing Gum and Ecstasy – Kaiser Records
Frantic Flintstones – Up Your Nose – Anagram Records
Supersuckers – Can Pipe – Mid-Fi Records
The Gories – Charm Bag – Fan Club Records
Hank III – Smoke and Wine – Bruc Records
Bob Wayne – Mack – Self Released
The Quakes – Wasted – Orrexx Records
The Riff-Raffs – Paranoia – Self Released
Primate 5 – Poprocks and Coke – Hubba Hubba Records
Tall Boys – Ride the Torpedo – Ace Records
Paint Fumes – Egyptian Records – Slovenly Records
The Apollos – Track 10 from their Demo – Self Released
The Brothers Gross – I Need to Feel Alright – Sexy Baby Records
Haunted George – Weeks In a Casket – In the Red Records
Les Thugs – Femme Fatale – Voxx Records
Weeds – It’s Your Time – BFD Records

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