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Zorch Radio Episode 129: Surftacular Spirit Animals

Zorch Radio Episode 129: Surftacular Spirit Animals

Airdate: Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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This week we slowed things down, got in touch with our feelings and started touching each other. This week, aided by the most soothing sounds of trashy garage rock and psychobilly, we reached deep inside of our souls and released our inner furries.

Tonight we asked WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? We’ve got marsupials, fish, reptiles, we even caught a Surfin’ Bird!

The biggest focus on tonight’s show comes in the last hour. Last week, local INVADER Dane from Auburn wanted to hear a bunch of Surf Rock but sadly he asked on the night when we didn’t have any surf records in studio >GASP!<. But this week, did we deliver! On this week's menu – our entire last course is rippled in reverb-riptide-rampage!

Is there something you want to hear us play for you on the show next week? Leave a comment below and tell us what you’re dying to hear, and don’t forget to tell us about your spirit animal too. If the animals are compatible, then your request will be met.

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The Meteors – Surf Mad Pig – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Bad Moon Rising – Nectar Records
The Meteors – You I Want – People Like You Records
The Meteors – If That’s the Way You Want It – People Like You Records
The Spectres – (I Can’t Be) Satisfied – My Checkbook Records
Memphis Morticians – Undertaker and His Pals – Kaiser Records
Mutilators – I Wanna Be Dead – Self Released
The Goddamn Gallows – Face the Day – GBC Records
Hard Money Saints – Suicide Shift – Revved Up Records
Batmobile – Magic Word Called Love – Nervous Records
The Living End – End of the World – Reprise Records
The Sting Rays – Surfin’ Bird – Big Beat Records
Sasquatch and the Sickabillys – Hellbound – Analog Arkives
Alley Dukes – Black Magic – Flying Saucer Records
The Farrel Brothers – The Baddest One Around – Stumble Records
Hot Roddin’ Romeos – Diamond Ring – Splatterhouse Wreckords
Reverend Horton Heat – Caliente – Deadbeat Records
S.G.V Psychobilly – Crocodile Loose at the Santa Fe Damn – Self Released
Torment – Death Trail – Crazy Love Records
Grims – Ride to Solitude – Self Released
The Krewmen – You’ve Got It – Lost Moments Records
Slappin’ Suspenders – Swad Clodhopper – Count Orlok Records
The Gravediggers – Black Cadillac – Crypt Records
Les Sexareenos – What You Gonna Do? – Sympathy for the Record Industry
The Mummies – She Lied – Tel-Star Records
The – Handsome man – Au Go Go Records
Beckey Lee and the Drunkfoot – Lies – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Reverend Beat-Man – I Wanna Know – Voodoo Rhythm Records
The Nevermores – I’m Waiting – Tell Tale Tunes
The Cynics – Turn Me Loose – Get Hip Recordings
Dennis Most – There is a Mall – Self Released
The Deadbeat – Zombocalypse – Self Released
Bill Collectors – Never Satisfied – MyFatAss Productions
The Bomboras – War of the Satellites – Zombie A Go-Go Records
The Finks – The Nomad – Dionysus Records
Organ Grinder – Riot City – Dionysus Records
Satan’s Pilgrims – Scatter Shield – Estrus Records
Atomic Mosquitos – Mosquito Royale – Double Crown Records
Bevel Emboss – Rumba Nova – Rough Trade Records
The Magnetic 4 – Blow Out – Tear It Up Records
The Untamed Youth – Pabst Blue Ribbon – Teen-Rage Records
The Phantom Surfers – I Know It When I Hear it – Lookout! Records
The Razorblades – The Wake Up Call – 21st Century Surf Music
Blazers – Beaver Patrol – Stone Age Records
The Brimstones – Pitchfork – Interphobic Records
Gein and the Grave Robbers – The Hungry Grave – Necrotune Records
The Astroglides – Fanatic mule Ride – Sshaking Recordss
Stars of Bombay – The Sender – Self Released
The Mercury Four – Code Name Aurora – Self Released
The Splashdowns – Rhino Chaser – Self Released
The Ventures – Rap City – Dolton Records
Stafford and the Bentz Brothers – Geronimo – 48th Avenue Wrekards
Satan’s Pilgrims – Devil’s Punchbowl – Empty Records
Man or Astro-Man? – DNI – Touch and Go Records
Dave Myers and the Surftones – Surf Breaker – Del-Fi Records

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