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Zorch Radio Episode 128: Unga Bunga

Zorch Radio Episode 128: Unga Bunga

Airdate: Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Tonight Zorch Radio stepped boldly into the future that is 2013 with wild abandon meaning we did absolutely nothing. But we did BLAST the best in Psychotronic rock n’ roll for all of you loyal invaders in the Puget Sound area and beyooooooond…….

Inbetween our resolution-making and record-spinning, we took the time to ask WHAT DID YOU DO ON NEW YEAR’S EVE? Some of us sat around watching trashy movies and eating chicken’N’waffles, while others got hitched, spent the night playing Crazy Cat Lady, or shamed their husbands with a bow and arrow. If you’ve got something that tops these charts, leave a comment below spoutin’ your stuff.

The show was rounded out with a rebroadcasted episode of RadiOblivion where Mr. Michael Kaiser enlightened us with the mythical teachings of Unga-Bunga.

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The Meteors- Mutant Rock – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Maniac – Anagram Records
The Meteors – These Evil Things – Headhunter Records
Calavera – Motin – Dracula Records
Lonesome Kings – Legendary Suffering – Kaiser Records
Sugar Puff Demons – Burn the Church – Anagram Records
The Spectres – Mad Machine – Crazy Love Records
The KDV Deviators – Behind the Glass – Drunkabilly Records
The Monsters – Whatcha Gonna Do – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Robin – King of Boogie – Flying Saucer Records
Klingonz – V.D Blues – Fury Records
The Quakes – Clone – Orrexx Records
Load Levelers – Whiskey Dick Mountain – Ain’t That’s a Rats Ass Records
Dragstrip Riot – Hell-bound and Happy – GO Kustom Records
The Griswalds – Psychobilly in Love – Halb Records
Tabaltix – Sex, Pugs, and Rock’n’Roll – Crazy Love Records
Es Fiev – Move Your Buds – Kix 4 U Records
Frantic Flintstones – Frantic Flintstones – Nervous Records
Riff Raffs – Macumba Love – Self Released
Thrillbillyz – Life’s a Gamble – Rockin’ Psycho Records
The Mutilators – I am the USA – Self Released
The Scallywags – I’m Back – Crazy Love Records
Bamboula – Thee Infected – Kaiser Records
Spellbound – Don’t Believe in Love – Self Released
The High Falutin’ Blue Demon – Who’s Sorry Now? – Self Released
Goddamn Gallows – Ghost of the Rails – GBC Records
The Cramps – Mean Machine – Medicine Label
The Molting Vultures – Drop In & Go – Psycho Dog Records
The Tall Boys – Final Kick – Big Beat
The Bug Nasties – Help Me – Flotation Records
Thee Manipulators – (Shake Your) Death Rattle
Ape City R&B – No. 1 Phantom Killer – MyFatAss Productions

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