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BOTW on August 23rd, 2012: INTOXICA Radio w/ Howie Pyro and Special Guest Reverend Beat-Man

Broadcast of the Week on Zorch Radio Episode 110
Airdate: August 23rd, 2012
Congratulations! INTOXICA Radio w/ Howie Pyro and Special Guest Reverend Beat-Man

Intoxica Radio 4-10-12
The second week of BOTW is the April 10th, 2012 episode of INTOXICA Radio by the super rad Howie Pyro. What makes this episode special is the special guest Reverend Beat-Man! This episode is also overflowing with music you will most likely never hear again, and some that you will never understand. Foreign swing, trash, it’s all there and just waiting for the chance to blow your mind back to the planet from which you came! Howie broadcasts every Tuesday at 9 PM PST on

Listen to this episode here

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