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Zorch Radio Episode 126: Mayan ApocalyNOT


Zorch Radio Episode 126: Mayan ApocalyNOT

Airdate: Thursday, December 20th, 2012

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Tonight we bid fair well to the universe as we toasted the Mayan calendar and all its mythical glories. And in celebration of the pre-apocalyptic madness, we asked you listeners how you were going to spend your last day on earth. In exchange for your generous vocal donations, we gave away a pair of tickets to see Grindhouse Theater‘s 35mm screening of Silent Night Deadly Night at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma. While we heard from Charlie Sheen and 13-year-old Elijah, we’re still curious: How would YOU spend your last day on earth? Leave a comment below letting us know.

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The Meteors – Voodoo Rhythm – Big Beat Records
The Meteors – I’m Just a Dog – Cleopatra Records
The Meteors – Chainsaw Boogie – Sonovabitch Records
The Goddamn Gallows – The End of the World – Farmageddon Records
Those Legendary Shack Shakers – The Sheriff’s Ranch for Boys – Spinout Records
Demented Are Go – Crazy Horses – Cherry Red Records
Lonesome Kings – Hell’s What I’m Used To – Emerald City Sounds
Retrogretion – Where’s My Booze Gone – Loft Records
The Rocketz – Dead Shall Dance – Self Released
The Spectres – Top Fuel Armageddon – Crazy Love Records
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes – Flyin’ Blind – Electo Groove Records
Hard Money Saints – 3 Legged Dog – Self Released
Guanabatz – Lights Out – Cherry Red Records
Seasons of Nightmares – Sadistic Masochist – Flying Saucer Records
Nekromantix – Alice in Psycholand – Nervous Records
Los Gatos Locos – Psychobillyun Baptism – Tombdisc
Calavera – Rat’s Eye – Self Released
Cosmic Voodoo – Mind Dog – Kaiser Records
Frenzy – Torment – Crazy Love Records
Mad Sin – Eat Yourself (Survivor Type) – Fury Records
Tortured Souls – What the Hell – Red Five Records
Dragstrip Riot – A Country Song – Magnum Twins
Spike – Rock Generation – DIW on the Hill Records
The Falls – Left Hand Man – Twin Cities Rockabilly
The Ricochets – Hitman – Nervous Records
Reverend Beat Man – Blue Moon of Kentucky – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Thee Flying Dutchmen – Heart of Stone – SOBT
The Fe Fi Fo Fums – Electrofize Me – Boom Boom Records
The Zombie Four – Zombie – Boom Boom Records
The Mothballs – I Hate Your Guns – Car Hole Adult Party Records
The Statics – Rat City – Rip Off Records
The Bomboras – Slingshot – Dionysus Records
John Schooley and his One Man Band – Aberdeen Mississippi – Hook or Crook Records
The Phantom Surfers – Banzai Run – Rhino Records

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