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Zorch Radio Episode 125: Bah Humbug


Zorch Radio Episode 125: Bah Humbug!

Airdate: Thursday, December 13th 2012

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Twas ye night of musical rocks of which overfloweth with Christmas cheer: WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS MOMENT? Tons of psychobilly and wild rock’n’roll, plus a boatload of great stories from all you Invaders about past holiday moments. Nasty ear-infections, underage drinking, maggots in rice krispy treats, wild mooses, acid trips, near-decapitations… You know. The usual holiday hoo-haw.

Didn’t get to share your memory? No worries, just leave a comment below going into detail. Bonus points if it’s fake.

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The Meteors – 4lb Hammer – People Like You Records
The Meteors – Out of the Attic – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Michael Myers – Nectar Records
Tabaltix – Don’t believe in Christmas – Cleopatra Records
The Curs – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Cleopatra Records
Frantic Flintstones – Santa bring My Baby Back to Me – Link Records
Reverend Horton Heat – Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy – ep Roc Records
Torment – Psyclops Carnival – Crazy Love Records
GuanaBatz – King Rat – Cherry Red Records
Slapping Suspenders – Terminator – Count Orlok Records
Deltas – Temperature – Nervous Records
The Spectres – Hot Rod to Hell – My Checkbook Records
Hard Money Saints – Leavin’ Man – Revved Up Records
Hot Roddin’ Romeos – Wishin’ You Were Gone – Self Released
The Starlite Wranglers – Midnight Train – Crazy Love Records
Dicemen – Devil Woman – Lude Boy Records
Johnny Love and Speed – Drink, Drink, Drink – Love Wedge Records
Koffin Kats – For Hire – Hairball 8 Records
Nekromantix – Rockin’ Reptile – Nervous Records
Deadneks – Toolox Murder – Sick Sick Sickobilly Records
Godless Wicked Creeps – Too Drunk to Drink – Crazy Love Records
Los Gatos Locos – Juvenile Delinquent – Spindrift Records
Three Blue Teardrops – Cadillac Jack – Teen Rebel Records
Alley Dukes – Slippin’ and Slidin’ (In You) – Flying Saucer Records
Brioles – Jungle Jamboree – Rebel Yell Music
Gambers Mark – Hollywood Nites – Western Star Records
Jimmy Wages – Miss Pearl – Rhino Records
The Sharks – Mean Mister Shark – Raucous Records
Jackie Morningstar – Rockin’ in the Graveyard – Rhino Records
Colbert Hamilton & the Nitros – 99 Girls – Nervous Records
Billy Wayne and the Creepers – Waited Too Long – Pfiefle Music
Dragstrip Riot – Broke for Christmas – Self Released
The Cramps – Uranium Rock – A&M Records
Les Sexareenos – Sorry – Sympathy for the Record Industry
Satan’s Pilgrims – Scatter Shield – Estrus Records
Los Straightjackets –Kawanga – Yep Roc Records
Man or Astro-Man? – Television Fission – Touch and Go Records
La Barbwires – La Caja del Muerto – Double Crown Records
The Razorblades – Headshaker – General Schallplatten
Gein and the Grave Robbers – Black Sunday – Necro-Tone Records
Dave Myers and the Surf Tones – Road to Rincon – Del-Fi Records
Organ Grinder – Lord Hunt Surf Party – Dionysus Records
Mercury Four – El Gravitron – Self Released
The Beechwoods – Jackpot! – Double Crown Records
John Schooley and His One Man Band – Cantrell Creek Breakdown – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Mama Rosin with Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers – The Cat Never Sleeps – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Goddamn Gallows – Raise the Moon – Farmageddon Records
.357 String Band – Fire and Hail – Pistols Beat Aces
Bob Wayne – Home – Self Released
The Shivering Denizens – Good Times at the Gates of Hell – Self Released
Brent Amaker and the Rodeo – Doomed – Spark and Shine
James Hunnicutt – A Lonely Road – Self Released

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