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Zorch Radio Episode 115: Grindhouse Gore Shores


Zorch Radio Episode 115: Grindhouse Gore Shores

Airdate: Thursday, September 27th, 2012

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Episode 115 came chock full of wild psychobilly and trashy garage punk! Featuring interviews with punk rock comedian Ryan Shores, the guru of Grindhouse Theater Justin Giallo, and Johnny Rocket of The Hot Roddin’ Romeos. This Saturday, (TOMORROW Sept 29TH) The Tacoma Zombie Festerval and Preparedness Expo takes over Pierce County with a live set from The Hot Roddin’ Romeos, a 35mm screening of Return of the Living Dead later on at Tacoma’s Grand Cinema, give-aways, movies, fake blood, and everything else you’ve ever needed your boomsticks for. Congratulations to Aaron on scoring a set of FREE tickets to Saturday’s late night screening! The festival starts in the day time near Tacoma Dome, so set yer alarms fer putting on all yer make ups.

Those of you who are lookin for a laugh more than gettin’ spooked: You can watch a few of Ryan’s videos or pick up his paperback.

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The Meteors – Give the Devil His Due – Anagram Records
The Meteors – Deep Dark Jungle – Anagram Records
The Meteors – I Go to Bed (With the Undead) – Anagram Records
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The Slanderin – Curse of the Werewolf – Split 7 Records
Demented Are GO – Pervy in the Park – Cherry Red Records
Link 13 – Joy Ride – Jasroc Records
Big John Bates – Murky Water – Faulter Music
Angie and the Carwrecks – Moonshine – Shadowland Records
Frantic Flintstones – You Don’t Love Me Anymore – Anagram Records
Alley Dukes – No More Hotdogs – Flying Saucer Records
Flapjacks – 6th Street – Tim Kerr Records
The Radium Cats – Pink Hearse – Raucous Records
Bobby Lewis – I’m Nervous – University of Vice Records
Tommy Blake – Lordy Hoody – Rhino Records
Three Blue Teardrops – Cadillac Jack – Teen Rebel Records
Dicemen – Rockabilly Boogie – Lude Boy Records
Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen – Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette) – MCA Records
Ray Campi – Pinball Millionare – Rollin’ Rock Records
James Hunnicutt – Don’t Look back – Self Released
The Bananamen – Psychotic Reaction – Anagram Records
Bazooka – Monkey Town – Slovenly Records
Found Dead in Trunk – The Mortician – 75 Records
The Monsters – Whatcha Gonna Do – Voodoo Rhythm Records
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Dragstrip Riot – Knife in the Back – Magnum Twin Records
The Falls – Left Hand Man – Audpop
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The Swinos – Deadsville – Music Abuse
John Schooley and his One Man Band – Miss Maybelle
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Load Levelers – Shut Yer Yap – Ain’t That A Rats Ass Records
Juke Joint Pimps – Dust My Broom – Voodoo Rhythm Records
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Monster Klub – Boris, Bela, and I – NoCo Records
The Spectres – They Won’t Stay Dead – Crazy Love Records
The Meteors – Another Half Hour Till Sunrise – Big Beat
Hot Roddin’ Romeos – Rockin’ Space Cadet – Self Released
Spike – Rock Generation part ll – DIW On the Hill Records
Slappin’ Suspenders – Bloodsucking Freaks – Count Orlok Records
Chernobillies – Lets Go Somewhere – Red Five Records
Bamboula – Cannibal – Kaiser Records

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