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BOTW on September 20th, 2012: House of Wild Delights Episode 27

Broadcast of the Week on Zorch Radio Episode 114
Airdate: September 20th, 2012
Congratulations! House of Wild Delights Episode 27

Snoopin’ around the garagepunk hideout, I stumbled upon this wild man, The Screamin’ Soul Preacher. He refuses to say where he podcasts from, but that really isn’t important. What is important is the eclectic mix of balls-to-the-walls awesome that he hucks through your speakers and splatters all over your brain matter. After this sermon from the Preacher, I don’t think I will ever again try and listen to that audio sin everyone calls “today’s radio.” Episode #27 of the House of Wild Delights is the newest of his podcasts, and the first one I listened to. It will have a special place in my chest cavity; at least until the new one comes out.

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