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Zorch Radio Episode 106: Ho Daddy? Si Si Si!

Zorch Radio Episode 106: Ho Daddy? Si Si Si!

Airdate: Thursday, July 26th, 2012

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Lotsa hullabaloo and jingle jangle jungle juice! One of the best active punk bands from Tacoma came in to the studio this night for a live performance and a guest DJ session: Si Si Si! Fuzzd out trashy bass and primal auditory GUTS. They’re not the only ones who brought up cool records, though, DJ Hodaddy brought in a stack o wax, since he was doing the sound for the band (Thanks, again dude!). I was pretty stoked for the following night, too, as Tacoma punk rock legends THE MUTHA FUGGIN SONICS were playin a gig in their home town! Hell yes! Breaking from the PURE opening rituals, I blasted open the show with some savage PUGET sounds.

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The Sonics – You’ve Got Your Head on Backwards – Jerden Records
The Sonics – The Witch – Norton Records
The Sonics – He’s Waitin’ – Norton Records
The Cramps – Strychnine – Illegal Records
The Swampys – Cinderella – MPR Records
Monster Klub – My Favorite Sin – No CO Records
The Mutilators – I am The USA – Self Released
Goddamn Gallows – A Sinners Song – GBC Records
Scallywags – I’m Back – Crazy Love Records
Tabaltix – My Woman is a Leach – Red Five Records
The Meteors – Psycho For Your Love – Cherry Red Records
Cosmic Voodoo – Vertigo – Kaiser Records
Retro Creation – Where’s My Booze Gone? – Loft Records
Los Gatos Locos – Love Demon – Tombdisc
The Slanderin – Planet of Death – Split 7 Records
Memphis Morticians – I Want Disease – Self Released
Hard Money Saints – The Slap – Self Released
Small Town Pimps – Honk My Horn – Crazy Love Records
The Reverend Horton Heat – I’m Mad – Sub-Pop
The Chop Tops – Hard Luck – Cock n’Kitten
Madheads – Spring in the Bushes – Crazy Love Records
Carbonas – Blackout Waiting to Happen – Douche Master
Power Chords – Dream Girls – Mean Buzz
Black C.C’s – No More Gasoline – iPuta!
Blacklips – Boomerang – In The Red
Vicious – The Happiest Place – Feral Ward
Vicious – The Pigs – Feral Ward
Mummies – Just One More Dance – Pre-B.S
Criminal Code – Dry Spell – Inimical
Ape City R&B – Oh Lil’ Girl – Jenasol
Masshysteria – Istiden – Feral Ward
Red Hex – Black Hole – Haunted Records
Haunted George – Electro Raga Death Machine – Solid Sex Lovie Doll
Little Willie and the Adolescents – Get Out of My Life – Crypt
Amboy Dukes – Journey to the Center of my Mind – Mainstream
Grave-digger Five – No Good Woman – Voxx
King Kahn and the Shrines – Outta Harms Way – Hazelwood
Tough Shits – Heard She Kisses the Mouth – Desert Island
Jackie and the Celtics – Thunder Struck – Estrus
Phantom Surfers – Banzai Washouts – Estrus
Jackie and the Celtics – Made in Japan – Estrus
Phantom Surfers – Orbitron – Estrus
Mummies – Skinny Minnie – Telstar
Stitches – Automatic – TKO Records
Big Eyes – Prefer to Be Alone – Evil Weevil
The Elegance – Lets Go Lets Go Lets Go – Norton
The Sonics – Night Train – Norton
The – Teenage Head – Rockin’ Records
Rocky & His Friends – Riot City – Tower

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