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Zorch Radio Episode 90: Olientar Engrish

Zorch Radio Episode 90: Olientar Engrish

Airdate: Thursday, April 5th 2012

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A few week’s back we had the debut of the Zorch Zine issue Four in Episode 86. I knew the cover was a bit on the edgy side, but I assumed the comedic value would soften the blow.

Can’t say it’s all that big of a loss, but our lovely cover girl was banned from a big promotional stint that was taking place at an annual Japanese Anime convention in Seattle. Boo hoo, right? Apparently, the saucy new zine was singled out and told “No!” to prevent any children from being offended (seriously, that was the actual reasoning).

Rather than argue about the target audience for the event, Japan’s animated sexuality, or anything else, we took charge and went the OTHER direction. If you want a standard by-the-book episode, check out Episode 76, but this week’s episode brought in the big guns: a special guest DJ by the name of Lyle. Back in the late 80’s, Lyle was the host of one of the craziest Japanese game shows I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, I have no idea how to find a link of his show (what he showed me were on Beta tapes) but it looked like a combination between Fear Factor, The Muppets, and Double Dare. I first met Lyle at the community college when he was wearing a Guitar Wolf T-shirt and who would have thunk that he had experience with showmanship AND radio!?!?

There was only one major problem: Lyle doesn’t know English. Thank jeezuss that rock and roll is a universal language.

I left the studio about 30 minutes into the show, let Lyle fly solo (as he requested), and HOT DAMN! Lots of loud ‘n’ heavy Japanese psychobilly, random “American” sounding words, gongs, Lyle’s over the top energy, and his mighty echo-chamber all together Voltronned into one of my all time favorite episodes. And just when you thought it was about it end, an episode of RadiOblivion swooped down like a Rodan-Dive-Bomb, leaving the FM airwaves blasted and barren.

So let me ask you, with all the Engrish memes and crazy Japanese youtube clips, which is your favorite? Or which one creeps you out the most? Leave it in a comment below.

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The Meteors – You’re Mine – Sonovabitch Records – Episode 90
The Meteors – Down and Dirty – People Like You Records – Episode 90
P. Paul Fenech – Satan’s Own – Anagram Records – Episode 90
Tabaltix – Dead Man Walking – Crazy Love Records – Episode 90
Torment – Psyclops Carnival – Crazy Love Records – Episode 90
Les Thugs – Femme Fatale – Voxx Records – Episode 90
Paint Fumes – Waste of Time – Slovenly – Episode 90
Bazooka – Monkey Town – Slovenly – Episode 90
Spike – Love Me – Thousands Records – Episode 90
Spike – Everything is in Little Pieces – Thousands Records – Episode 90
Spike – Rockin’ Undertaker – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Spike – Dressed in Black Storm – Diw on the Hill Records – Episode 90
Crossfire – Ohi Yeah – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
The Titans – Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde – Get Hip Distribution – Episode 90
Great Invaders – &^%(&* – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Battle of the Ninjamanz – C.C. Rider – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Retro Gretion – Where’s My Booze Gone – Loft Records – Episode 90
Link 13 – Joy Ride – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Dog Heart – Hell & Glory – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Robin – King of Boogie Night – Flying Saucer Records – Episode 90
The Starlite Wranglers – Midnight Train – Crazy Love Records – Episode 90
The Beatle Crusher – (*^&* *(&%&%)& – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Gigolo 13 – Heartbreak Saturday Night – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Elokins – Come on Baby Cheese – Unknown – Episode 90
Stray Cats – Built For Speed – Arista Records – Episode 90
Dog’gie Dogg – Doomsday – Big Rumble Productions – Episode 90
Guitar Wolf – Concrete Punk – Guitar Wolf Records – Episode 90
Guitar Wolf – Fujiyama Attack – Narnack Records – Episode 90
Guitar Wolf – Can-Nana Fever – Narnack Records – Episode 90
The’s – Oriental Rock – Au Go Go Records – Episode 90
The’s – Ah-So! – Rockville Records – Episode 90
Black Rats – King of the Monsters – Unknown – Episode 90
King Kurt – Bo Diddley Goes East – Stiff Records – Episode 90
The Phantom Surfers – Banzai Run – Rhino Records – Episode 90
The Ventures – Wipe-Out – Dolton Records – Episode 90
Instrumentals – Chop Suey Rock – Romulan Records – Episode 90
Brent Amaker and The Rodeo – They Make Cowboys in Montana – Self-Released – Episode 90
—-RadiOblivion Episode 35—-

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