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Zorch Radio Episode 82: Primates and Pork Rinds

Zorch Radio Episode 82: Primates and Pork Rinds

Airdate: Thursday, February 2nd 2012

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Free tickets! Who wants them? Anybody??? Oh. Ok. Nevermind.

WELL YOU MISSED OUT! That gig was KILLER and this was one of THEE easiest contest. And THAT, my friend, is why you listen live. The gig was apparently the first time Whiskey Dick Mountain had been to Seattle and they tore The Funhouse to bits! I picked up an LP of theirs and gave away a download card for em the following week in Episode 83, but keep your eyes peeled for their future gigs!

Tonight featured a whole bunch of songs that had to do with primates to go along with the ticket give away. Primate 5 are one of my favorite garage rock bands from the area and not just because they dress up in costumes. Primal pounding savage garage rock! They came up to the show for a live performance a long ways back, I think it was Episode 12? Here’s a music video fancy and MTV style from them:

I also tried pork rinds for the first time about halfway through the show. Pork rinds aren’t very exciting.

This was the first Thursday of the month, which always means it’s time to BLOW YER RADIO UP!!! Yup! Another awesome replay of RadiOblivion, this time episode 50.

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Meteors – Dance Crazy Baby – Cherry Red
Meteors – Out of Time – Mad Pig
Meteros – Get Me to the World on Time – Big Beat
Farrell Bros – Baddest One Around – Stumble
Demented Are Go – I Wanna Be Your Slave – Crazy Love
Chop Tops – Teddy Boy Stomp – Split 7
Slanderin – Planet of Death – Split 7
Mario Bradley – My Search – Fury
Goddamn Gallows – Planet of the Apes – GBC
Guana Batz – Open Your Mouth – ID
Hard Money Saints – The Slip – Self Released
Quakes – Future Shock Rock – Orrexx
King Kurt – Banana Banana – Ralph
Banane Metalik – Surfin’ Banana – Flying Saucer
Kings of Nuthin – Waitin to Leave – Disaster
Rocketz – Accelerator – Self Released
Bamboula – Hail Mary – Kaiser
Deadbolt – The Meat – Headhunter
Legendary Shack Shakers – Monkey on the Doghouse
Primate 5 – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Ape! – Hubba Hubba
Primate 5 – Smash Your Radio! – MyFatAss
Primate 5 – Speedboat – Hubba Hubba
Ape City R&B – Oh Lil Girl – Jenasol
Haunted George – American Crow – In the Red
Monsters – Blow Um Mau Mau – Voodoo Rhythm
Thee Cormans – Ape Rape – In the Red
Milkshakes – Red Monkey – Big Beat
Razorblades – The Ancient Tune of the Baboon – General
Bomboras – Project Zero – Zombie A Go-Go
Trashmen – Cyclon – Request
Dirty Robbers – Monkey’s Finger – Self Released
Beechwoods – Don’t Monkey With Me – Double Crown
Artesians – Koko Joe – Norton
Phantom Surfers – Squad Car – Alopecia
Les Thugs – Femme Fatale’s – Ah-So! – Rockville
Stingrays – From the Kicthen Sink – Big Beat
King Kahn and His Shrines – Tell Me – Voodoo Rhythm
—-RadiOblivion Episode 50 —-
Juke Joint Pimps – Dust My Broom – Voodoo Rhythm
Blockbusters – Gorilla Walk – Paris Hollywood
Youngsters – Zebra – Strip
Champs – Beatnik – Paris Hollywood
Wesley Willis – Play That Rock and Roll – American

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