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Zorch Radio Ep 83: Surf-O-Tronic

Zorch Radio Episode 83: Surf-O-Tronic

Airdate: Thursday, February 9th 2012

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It was about time we take a break from the past two wild episodes to catch a breather. After all, episode 82 was awfully primal, and the one before that, number 81 was nothing but psychobilly. So we cruised down with minimal talking and maximum instrumentals. One giga-ton of reverb weighing down a soft bed of exotic jungle sounds.

We touched shortly tonight on the show from last weekend which featured The Apollos, The Primate 5 and Whiskey Dick Mountain, and Jose Fang. For it being their first time in Seattle, the eastern Washingtonians Whiskey Dick Mountain went down a storm! I picked up their LP “BYOB” and it came with a piece of paper that lets you download the music…??? Or something like that. Not really sure, cuz my turntables don’t load down nuthin’. Figured somebody else might be able to use it (congrats Chris from Covington). We played a track off the LP about 50 minutes in if you want a swamped up, lo-fi sample of a killer band.

But the last two hours of the show were more for kicking back and let everything just cruise: Some powerful, modern surf-monsters, leading through some spaced-out sounds, dropping us off in the jungle. We escaped that crazy place to wind up back on a bouncin’ beach, ending up with our head in that sleazy, rompin-raucous titty-bar. Shake it, bay bay!

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Meteors – The Cutter Cuts While The Widow Weeps – People Like You
Meteors – Disneyland – Anagram
Meteors – No Surrender – Sonovabitch
Season of Nightmares – Silver Bullet – Flying Saucer
Ricochets – Runnin’ Wild – Nervous
Spectres – The Chainsaw Song – My Checkbook
Memphis Morticians – Wild Streak – Kaiser
Cramps – Ultra Twist – Medicine Label
Scallywags – Radioactive Decay – Crazy Love
Kryptos – The Waiting Game – Rockin Psycho
Whitetrash Whiplash – Spodie Odie Hey! – Biscuit Time
Shivering Denizens – Good Times at the Gates of Hell – Self Released
Bob Wayne – Home – Self Released
Whiskey Dick Mountain – Angel Feather – Iron Goat
Juke Joint Pimps – Blues Power – Voodoo Rhythm
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Phantom Rider – Sheep
Barbwires – La Caja del Muerto – Double Crown
Verb – El Capitan – Self Released
Daikaju – Flight of the Garuda – Self Released
Los Straightjackets – Kawangai – Yep Roc
Satan’s Pilgrims – Scatter Sheild – Estrus
Bomboras – Monsoon – Dionysus
Man or Astroman? – Reverb 10,000 – Estrus
Untamed Youth – The Hearse – Norton
Finks – The Eliminator – Dionysis
Tomorrowmen – Phistful of Photons – Double Crown
De-Fenders – Four Banger – Del-Fi
Dave Meyers and the Surftones – Exotic – Sundazed
Dick Dale and his Del-Tones – Misirlou Twist – Del-Tone
Centuries – Fourth Dimension – Stone Age
Count Zero and the Cosmic Noughts – Cosmic Blastoff – Alopecia
Mercury Four – Zombies From Outer Space – Self Released
Mummies – The Thing From Venus – Telstar
Man or Astroman? – Invasion fo the Dragon Men – Estrus
Astronauts – Hot-Doggin’ – RCA Victor
Monsters – Dead End Street – Voodoo Rhythm
Martin Denny – Cumana – Liberty
Saxons – Camel Walk – Norton
Arthur Lyman – Moon of Manakoora – Hifirecords
Hollywood Persuaders – Thunderbird – Paris Hollywood
Frankie and the Poolboys – Teke, Teke, Teke – Double Crown
Johnny and the Hurricanes – Sheba – Bigtop
Wailers – Mashi – Imperial
Tarentulas – Tarentula – Paris Hollywood
Flames – Arabian Caravan – Norton
Perez Prado – Stomping at the Savoy – RCA Victor
Die Zorros – Zorro Retit Russland – Voodoo Rhythm
Satan’s Pilgrims – Night of the Face – SP
Ventures – Runnin’ Strong – Sunset
Arrows – Tee Pee – Tower
Ventures – Raunchy – Dolton
Javelins – Javelins Rock – Archive International Productions
Challengers – Mark of Zorro – Rhino
Jaguars – Jaguar – Epic
Sandy Nelson – Teen Beat – Liberty
Ventures – Fuzzy and Wild – Dolton (LP played at 45rpm for kicks)
Mac Rebenack – Storm Warming – Righteous
Wailers – Wailin’ – Norton
Frantics – The Whip – Dolton
Majestics – Riding By – Strip
Barbara and The Boys – Hooty Sapperticker – Strip
Jimmy Heap – Gizmo – Norton
Phantom Surfers – I Know It When I Hear It – Lookout!

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