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Zorch Radio Episode 77: Gigs, Burlesque, and Indonesian Punks

Zorch Radio Episode 77: Gigs, Burlesque, and Indonesian Punks

Airdate: Thursday, December 15th, 2012

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Lots to talk about here! Sorry for all the words, just click that link above and read while you listen. While I normally try to refrain to serious issues, this night, I mentioned briefly the heinous crap that went down with the old fogies and the Indonesian punks. And if any of you guys in Jakarta are reading this, my offer still stands; I’ll send you some stuff to really make piss ’em off! We also talked about Graceland Five coming up in Episode 78 and promoted our Twitter contest for the Reverend Horton Heat/Supersuckers gig. And yes, those tickets were already given away, and, yes, you missed out. Maybe you should listen to the live show once in a while…

That night, we also plugged the successful Jan 16th gig at The Crocodile Cafe that is pictured above. Dragstrip Riot opened, and since it had been a while since they’d played a home show, there seemed to be a pretty good turnout. Three Bad Jacks tore it up with a rare lineup featuring rockabilly veterans John Palmer on drums and Dave Eckles on bass. I’d seen them a fair number of times, but this set was completely different. No fire, no gimmicks, just straight up solid rock and roll. Really enjoyed it! The girls came up next, which most people were there for, hosted by the mad skills of Vincent Drambuie. It’s difficult to describe burlesque with words and about as effective as pretending to eat, so I’ll just let this video of Aly Hellcat’s routine from the evening do the talking. This video was done up by Rob, the camera-king at RJB Photography.

But wait! This isn’t the Review Page of the website, this is Episode 77 that we’re talking about! Getting back on track, we had a concert calendar from Kjersti and closed the show with an airing of Gone Mental from Dan at Twin Cities Rockabilly.

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The Meteors – I’m Invisible Man – Cherry Red Records Ltd. – Episode 77
The Meteors – Awake With the Wolf – Sonovabitch Records – Episode 77
The Meteors – When Darkness Falls – Headhunter Records – Episode 77
Spellbound – Don’t Believe in Love – Unknown – Episode 77
Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers – The Deadenin’ – Yep Roc Records – Episode 77
Hard Money Saints – King of the Tribe – Revved Up Records – Episode 77
The Chop Tops – Teddy Boy Stomp – Split 7 Media – Episode 77
Dragstrip Riot – Last Chance For Goodbye – Magnum Twin Records – Episode 77
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia – International Record Syndicate – Episode 77
The Goddamn Gallows – City of Hell-A – GBC Records – Episode 77
The Dedneks – The Change – Sickobilly Records – Episode 77
Demented Are Go – PVC Chair – Cherry Red Records – Episode 77
Klingonz – Klingonez – Fury Records – Episode 77
The Graceland Five – Don’t Be Cruel – 48th Avenue Wrekards – Episode 77
Rapetiles – Three Months to Live – Rockin’ Psycho Records – Episode 77
Nick Curran and The Low Lifes – Rocker – Eclecto Groove Records – Episode 77
The Super Suckers – Gato Negro – Redeye Distributions – Episode 77
Three Bad Jacks – Run Johnny Run – Unknown – Episode 77
The Monsters – I Want You – Voodoo Rhythm Records – Episode 77
Haunted George – The Tomb – In The Red Records – Episode 77
New Bomb Turks – Professional Againster – Epitaph Records – Episode 77
Mondo Topless – Amazon Queen – Dionysus Records – Episode 77
The Bug Nasties – I’m insane – Flotation Records – Episode 77
The Cynics – Turn Me Loose – Get Hip Recordings – Episode 77
Thee Cormans – Down Mitt Der Fuzz – In the Red Records – Episode 77
The Milkshakes – The Red Monkey – Ace Records – Episode 77
The Load Levelers – Blue X-Mas – Ain’t That a Rat’s Ass Records – Episode 77
The Phantom Surfers & Davie Allan – Devil Dust – Lookout! Records – Episode 77
Hasil Adkins – Chicken Flop – Norton Records – Episode 77
The Dirty Birds – The Kill Excerpt – Go-Kustom Records – Episode 77
The Sonics – You’ve Got Your Head on Backwards – Ace Records – Episode 77
Link Wray – Law of the Jungle – Ace Records – Episode 77
Ian & The Barnetts – Barnett Stomp – Boom-Boom Records – Episode 77
Thee Headhunters – It’s My Tribe – Tombstone Records – Episode 77
The Flying Dutchmen –Girl Like You – Boom-Boom Records – Episode 77
The Mothballs – She Makes Me Wild – Adult Party Records – Episode 77
T. Terauchi & Bunnys – Theme From Unfinished Symphony – Archive Int’l Productions – Episode 77
The Impacts – Kon Tiki – Sundazed Music In. – Episode 77
Impact Five – Riptide – Stone Age – Episode 77
—–Gone Mental Episode 24—–

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