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ZR Exhumed Ep 13: Debut del DJ Zorch

Zorch Radio Episode 13: Debut del DJ Zorch

Airdate: Thursday, September 30th, 2010

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Digging WAAAAAY back into the archives here! Since we recently brought Jorge/DJ Zorch in Episode 80, I figured it’d be appropriate to exhume this monster. This is only episode 13 and things were a lot different then; had two other folks hosting the show as well, we were on a shorter/different time slot, we didn’t play any wax live, and the absolute dirtiest secret of them all… one of the host’s playlists was just audio ripped from Youtube. Yeah. I know. I just barfed too…

Since the music is being picked by four different people, the sound and playlist is all over the board. There’s modern surf, 50’s rockabilly, 80’s hardcore, psychobilly, and that’s all before the guest DJ set! Currently, DJ Zorch is a board member of the Vinyl Record Association and, alongside of fellow DJ Astro138, is establishing a Moldie Oldies Party in homage of Mad Mike Metrovitch. If you live in SoCal, don’t miss it!

On a personal level, it was a lot of fun re-visiting this episode as Jorge is responsible for introducing me to a huge array of sounds. 60’s garage punk, rock and roll saxaphones, exotica, Mad Mike’s, etc. Plus he’s responsible for feeding me the idea of spinning wax at gigs. Maybe you’ll get an itch for these sounds after hearing his set, too…

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