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Zorch Radio Episode 75: For Adults Only

Zorch Radio Episode 75: For Adults Only

Airdate: Thursday, December 1st, 2011

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Busy night! Valentin of Rockin Psycho Records called in to talk about his California Psychobilly compilation and future releases under the new label. Plus, I found a few “Adult Themed” records on a recent hunt, and had to play em all together. In this episode of Zorch Radio, we spun some African beasts off Nosmoke’s extra-primitive “Zulu Stomp!! South Africa Garage Beats!!” and a new (to me) 7″ from Thee Cormans. Thee Cormans will be at the Seattle Funhouse on January 13th. We ended the night with a re-broadcasting of RadiOblivion, one of my favoriotes, Ep 65: Troglydite Dynamite.

Follow Zorch Radio on The Twitter and like us on The Face Book. More info is also on the contact page. If you hungry for more 18+ sleaze, make sure to also check out Live from the Shamrock Motel, Episode 21 (novelty tracks are Thee Gentleman Matt’s forte). Some people have the OTHER kind of hunger, though. If you’re one of them, then the food-themed Episode 68 is right up your alley. Yum yum!


Meteors – Let’s Go – Anagram
Meteors – Sometimes (The Infernal Chord) – Sonovabitch
Meteors – Straight Down To Hell – Hellraiser
Daffys – Swine Flue – Rockin Psycho
Elektraws – Heartless Man – Nervous
Mad Sin – Brainstorm – Maybe Crazy
Hyperjax – Happy Pillz – Cherry Red
King Kurt – Bo Diddley Goes East – Stiff
Highliners – Henry The Wasp – Anagram
Daffys – Hitman – Rockin Psycho
Batmobile – Gates Of Heaven – Nervous
Gutter Demons – Children Of The Damned – Flying Saucer
Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces – Zodiac Killer
Fun Things – Savage – Shock
Monsters – Baby O.K. – Voodoo Rhythm
Ape City R&B – Dyn-o-mite – Slovenly
Thee Cormans – Emergency! – In The Red
Phantom Surfers – Banzai Run – Rhino
Eight Ball Scratch – Creepy Crocker – Alopecia
Centuries – Fourth Dimension – Cleopatra
Tomorrowmen – Maelstrom – Double Crown
Bomboras – Rodan – Dionysus
Primate 5 – Speed Boat – Hubba Hubba
A-Cads – Roadrunner – Nosmoke
Sonics – Cinderella – Norton
Upsetters – Daddy Rollin Stone – Nosmoke
Link Wray – Good Rockin’ Tonight – Ace
Bo Diddley – Mumblin’ Guitar – Checker
Rocky and His Friends – Riot City – Tower
David Rose And His Orchestra – The Stripper – Polygram
One Eyed Riley – Billy Dedamned – Lusty
Stag Party Vol 2 (no artists credited) – Whordean School – No Holds Barred
Krewmen – The Bug Of Planet Zee – Crazy Love

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