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ZR Exhumed Ep 56: Nicole Deville

Zorch Radio: Exhumed!
Episode 56: Nicole DeVille

Airdate: Thursday, July 14th, 2011

These goddamn robots are always working against us, and sometimes they explode before you know how to work ’em. Well, I had a similar issue and there’s a lot of episodes that, except for their live broadcasts, never saw the depressing, artificial light of the internet. I dug up some of these robot corpses and lo and behold: Welcome to the first installment of Zorch Radio: Exhumed!

Back in July, there was a great episode which featured a call-in from Knuck of Dragstrip Riot/Graceland Five, plus Nicole DeVille came in for a guest DJ session. Nicole’s an active musician and has performed with bands like The Hatchetwounds, Nicole Deville and her Man-Hands, The Handlebar Mustangs, Tumbledown, and the timely holiday act, The Ho-Ho-Ho’s.

Nicole is also the womanly-craft-head-honcho over at Spineless Clothing Company. Need to buy a girly-deal for a female on XMAS? Her items are 100% unique, 100% hand-made, and 100% fair-trade (no slaves). They make great Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Chinese-New-Years gifts for the females in your life, and she has nothing to do with Wal-Mart (independant, +5 points). Her merch is also offline at Fat Fancy, Fingers Duke, and Sugar Daddy’s.

These exhumed issues are a bit out of date, and my playlists only existed on paper for some (Gasp! Physical data?!). Since then, they’ve been thrown out, and I’d rather dig up more episodes then dedicate a few hours to typing these out. If you’re curious about a song, feel free to contact me through The Twitter or the The Face Book. You can also send postcards to the info is on the contact page.

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Here’s the spot aired to promote this episode:

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