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Zorch Radio Episode 73: All Requests!

Zorch Radio Episode 73: All Requests!

Airdate: Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The other day, I overheard an undisclosed band make a comment about how “people who call radio stations to request songs are the same people who update their MySpace profiles.” Yeah, most humans think radio is a dying genre, but rather than take it to offense, I thought I’d better go update the Zorch Radio Myspace! (Don’t worry, we’re not just on Myspace, we’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ too).

So I kind of took it as a challenge, and handed over the turn tables, microphone, and disc spinners to YOU. This was the first “ALL REQUEST” episode of Zorch Radio, and it felt right! Some of you guys have good taste! But here YOU are. On the website. Getting ready to download or subscribe to the podcast instead… Yeah. Hate to break it to you, but you missed out. Big time. Radio ain’t “radio” unless it’s live. Bummer, dude.

Also, if you’re the guy who kept requesting to hear The Sonics, Check out Episode 64.

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Meteors – In The Cards – Anagram
Meteors – Radioactive Kid – Big Beat
Meteors – Maniac Rockers From Hell – Ace
Demented Are Go! – Red River, Bloody Staircase – Scandal
Deadneks- Toolbox Murder – Sick Sick Sickobilly
Cramps – New Kind Of Kick – A&M
Memphis Morticians – Devil’s Rain – Kaiser
Vibes – Scratch My Back – Big Beat
Mad Sin – Brainstorm – Maybe Crazy
The Quakes – Dinosaur In Leather Pants – Orexx
Mutilators – Put the Baby in the Microwave – Self-Released
Calavera – Charasqueado – Dr. Acula
Spectres – Hot Li’l Hellcat – My Checkbook
Starlite Wranglers – Midnight Train – Crazy Love Records
Wages of Sin – Baptized By Fire – My Checkbook
Blue Demon – I’m A Mess – Mimashima
Kings Of Nuthin – 11 to 3 – Disaster
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club –This Is How We Do Things In The Country – Alternative Tentacles
Krewmen – You Lied – Lost Moments
Frenzy – Torment – Crazy Love
Banana Men – The Crusher – Big Beat
Sonics – Cinderella – Norton
Mummies – Skinny Minnie – Telstar
Trashmen – Church Key – Sundazed
Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird – Big Beat
Trashwomen – Surf Beat – Alopecia
Blazers – Beaver Patrol – Stone Age
Dave Myers and the Surftones – Exotic – Sundazed
Batmobile – Kiss Me Now – Nervous
Alley Dukes – No More Hot Dogs – Flying Saucer
The Meteors – My Kinda Rockin’ – Anagram
Guana Batz – Down On The Line – Cherry Red
Man Or Astroman – Reverb 10,000 – Estrus
Cramps – Mad Daddy – IRS
Goddamn Gallows – Wherever I Go – GBC
Graveyard Shift – The Waltz Of The Wisconsin Woman-Skinner – Dead Body
Deadbolt – The Lucy Joke – Cargo/Headhunter
Del-Mars – Snacky Poo – Norton
Elegants – Ooh Poo Pah Doo – Norton
A-Cads – Down The Road – Nosmore
Dick Caruso – Rockin’ With Richard – Romulan
The Four Finks – Wiki Wiki Woo – Hollywood
The Sonics – You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards – Big Beat
Los Jaguar’s – Evasion – TIVS
Satan’s Pilgrims – Soul Pilgrim – Estrus
The Primate 5 – Back To The Tree – Dizzy/Hubba Hubba
The Frantics – Straight Flush – Jerden
Four Sounds – Mama Ubangi Bangi – Norton
Os Inseparaveis – Va Para Casa – Gravadora
Los Saicos – Demolicion – Vampi
Action Woman – Litter – BFD
Joe Houston – Night Lamp – Crown
Mac Rebeneck – Storm Warning – Righteous
Majestics – Riding By – Strip
Glitters – Fireball – Jenero
Tornadoes – Cora – ABC-Paramount
Shadows – Stingray – Columbia/EMI
Meteors – Wreckin’ Crew – Anagram

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