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Zorch Radio Episode 71: Hallowhat?

Zorch Radio Episode 71: Hallowhat?

Airdate: Thursday, October 27th 2011

What’s all this hullabaloo about ghosts and monsters? I guess some people don’t already have this stuff as a part of their life or something, but Episode 71 of Zorch Radio did absolutely nuthin for Halloween. We did get a number of calls tonight: Bill from Season of Nightmares, local lovely lady Aly Hellcat, and Danny from The TomorrowMen. Season of Nightmares has a gig on Sat Nov 19th, the smokin’ hot Miss Hellcat is seen in the post for Episode 72, and TomorrowMen have a new album off Double Crown Records. Plus my buddy Frank did a small guest DJ session after his shift at Wal-Mart.

Also, see that cool record up there? We’ll be giving away another faux Mad Mike record (like the one above) to the top-pledger during the KGRG Pledge Drive. Our station is non-profit, non-commercial radio, which is why you get to hear the REAL side of Rock and Roll. The next handmade, one-of-a-kind record will be given away during the LIVE edition of Episode 73, airing Thursday November 10th at 7pm PST. If you missed the chance, but still want to donate, you can do it here.


The Meteors – Graveyard Stomp – Nectar
The Meteors – Another Half Hour Till Sunrise – Big Beat
The Meteors – Halloween Scream – Cherry Red
Mutilators – Bats in the Belfry – Self-Released
Mad Sin – Wicked Witch – Maybe Crazy
The Krewmen – Scream Of The Banshee – Lost Moment
Tabaltix – Dead Man Walking – Crazy Love
The Sharks – Skeleton Rock – Nervous
The A-Bones – Lordy Hoody – Important/Caroline/Midnight
The Deltas – The Cat – Raucous
Ricochets – Buried Alive – Count Orlok
Season of Nightmares – Chalk Outlines – Self Released
Cosmic Voodoo – Pumpkin-Head – Kaiser
Zombie Ghost Train – Graveyard Queen – Shrunken Head
Klingonz – Werewolf Boogie – Fury
Nekromantix – Bats In My Pants – Hellcat
Memphis Morticians – Full Moon Hop – Kaiser
Demented Scumcats – Splatter Baby – Crazy Love
Monster Klub – Boris, Bela, and I – NoCo
Kings of Nuthin – La Chupacabra – Disaster
Calavera – Sugar Skulls – Dr. Acula
Spectres – Comin’ Home – My Checkbook
Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devils – .38 Special – Self Released
Goddamn Gallows – Ghost of th’ Rails – GBC
Wages of Sin – Dia De Los Muertos – My Checkbook
Reverend Beat-Man – Oh Lord! – Voodoo Rhythm
Haunted George – Shed of Doom – In The Red
Brimstones – Wolfman – Go Ape!
Terrorists – In Love With You, You and You – Self-Released
Titans – Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde – Get Hip
Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf – IRS
Guana Batz – Werewolf Blues – Ace
Monsters – Speedy’s Coming – Voodoo Rhythm
Screaming Lord Such – Screem and Screem – Ace
Things – Horror Movie – Big Neck
Dead Vampires – A Bat Bit My Ass on the Way to the Store – Dirtnap
Primate 5 – Goin to the Graveyard – G.I. Productions
Tomorrowmen – Phistful of Photons – Double Crown
Tomorrowmen – Momentium – Double Crown
Daikaiju – Flight of the Garuda – Ding Dong
Frankie and the Poolboys – Drop Dead – Double Crown
Mummies – The Thing From Venus – Telstar
Neanderthals – 2000 LB Werewolf – Alopecia
Man or Astro-Man? – Invasion of the Dragon Men – Estrus
Centuries – Fourth Dimension – Cleopatra
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Spooky Shore – Sheep
Tarentulas – Tarentula – Folie
Sir Finks – Jack the Ripper – Get Hip
Finks – Haunted Fink – Dionysis
Phantom Surfers and Davie Allan – Grindhouse – Lookout!
Razorblades – Rock n Roll Zombie – General Schallplatten
Deadly Ones – It’s Monster Surfing Time – Munster
Satan’s Pilgrims – Harem Nocturne
Sonics – The Witch – Etiquette

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