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Zorch Radio Episode 70: Local Music

Zorch Radio Episode 70

Airdate: Thursday, October 20th 2011

Tonight we had two hours of local tracks and the debut of Gone Mental. We did the local theme to follow suit of the brand new local music show on KGRG, The Puget Sound Underground. While you’re listening, check out this cool article about it that Shawn wrote. Big thanks to White Trash Whiplash and Steve from The Chargers for submitting their music! One last note, I uploaded the full video of last year’s in-studio with The Dead Vampires. It’s strange to think this will be the first Halloween without them.

On another note, the KGRG Pledge drive starts off in about two weeks.  We are non-profit, non-commercial and nobody gets paid nothing. We do it because we love rock and roll, but unfortunately, we still got bills to pay.  I’ll be making up some Mad Mike’s (similar to the one pictured above) and giving them to the top-pledger of each episode, alongside of a whole bunch of other junk. They’ll be worth a lot more after I die. If you don’t want to wait to donate, you can do it now by visiting here.


Los Gatos Locos – Juvenile Delinquent – Spindrift
Los Gatos Locos – Love Demon – Tombdisc
Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces – Zodiac Killer
Angie and the Car Wrecks – Hellriders – Self Released
Dragstrip Riot – Fast Cars And Fast Women – Go Kustom
The Hatchet Wounds – Don’t Slow Down – Self Released
Billy Dwayne and the Creepers – Waited Too Long – Pfiefle
Lucky Devils – Stinkfink (Carnage on 167) – Kick Ass
Hard Money Saints – Voo Doo Drum – Self Released
Season Of Nightmares – VHS – Self Released
James Hunnicutt – Don’t Look Back Up – Self Released
Marshall Scott Warner – Heartbreakin’ 53 – Warner
The Flapjacks – 6th Street – Tim Kerr
The Spectres – Dragstrip Demon – Crazy Love
Graveyard Shift – The End Of The World – Dead Body Wreckerds
The Swinos – The Lovely Ellie Mae – Music Abuse
Shivering Denizens – We’re All Gonna Die – Self Released
The Load Levelers – Shut Yer Yap – Ain’t That A Rat’s Ass
White Trash Whiplash – Spodie Oh Hey! – Biscuit Time
Supersuckers – Caliente – Sub Pop
The Spits – Beat you Up – MyFatAss
The Briefs – No More Presidents – BYO
Ape City R&B – No. 1 Phantom Killer – MyFatAss
The Fe Fi Fo Fums – Electrofize Me – Boom Boom
Rocky & His Friends – Riot City – Ace
The Dead Vampires – A Bat Bit My Ass – Dirtnap
The Primate 5 – Back To The Trees – Hubba Hubba/Dizzy
The Fabulous Shockwaves – Charge of the Shockwaves – Boom Boom
The Zombie IV – Chinny-Chin-Chin – Boom Boom
The Boss Martians – XKE! – Hillsdale
The Mercury Four – Commie Rat Stomp – Self Released
Satan’s Pilgrims – Harem Nocturne – MuSick
Splashdowns – Laughing Boy – Self Released
The Viceroys – Tiger Shark – Seafair-Bolo
The ‘Verb – Vomini del Pistola – Self Released
George Washington & The Cherrybombs – Crisco Party – Big Beat
The Chargers – Taxi – Julian
Johnny Punani – Coal Heart – Punani Bomb
Brent Amaker And The Rodeo – Doomed – Spark & Shine

—Gone Mental Episode 16—

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