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Zorch Radio Episode 69: Mick 14 and Thee Tiger Armies

Zorch Radio Episode 69

Airdate: Thursday, October 13th 2011

In Episode 69, Dan dropped by to talk about his psychobilly podcast Gone Mental. Starting next week, Zorch Radio will be airing an episode of Gone Mental on the third thursday of each month (similar to RadiOblivion). We also got a request for a band called “Thee Tiger Armies.” I didn’t have anything on hand, but I did have an underground side project from Mick 14…


The Meteors – The Crazed – Island Records Ltd.
The Meteors – Surf Mad Pig – Anagram Records
The Meteors – 5 For Her, 3 For Him – Hellraiser Records
Johnny Love and Speed – Voodoo Love – Love Wedge Recordings
The Rocketz – All My Own – Pot O Gold Recordings
Reverend Horton Heat – Caliente – Deadbeat Records
Blue Demon – I Can’t Tame Wild Women – Self Released
The Kings of Nuthin – If I Were You – Sailor’s Grave Records
The Sharks – Getting Even With You Baby – Anagram Records
The Falls – Left Hand Man – Audpop
Dead Bundy and The Neat NeatNeats – Legend of Johnny Bloodsaw – Self Released
Mutilators – Baby in the Microwave – Self Released
Nekromantix – Rockin’ Reptile – Madhouse Records
Dragstrip Riot – Last Chance For Goodbye – Magnum Twin Records
Hard Money Saints – Big Bang – Self Released
Season of Nightmares – Where the Sidewalk Ends – Self Released
Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces – Zodiac Killer Records
Demented Are Go – Human Slug – Cherry Red Records
Dead Neks–  Slaughter Axe Rock  – Sick Sick Sickobilly Records
Blag Dahlia – Let’s Take a Ride – Man’s Ruin Records
Si Si Si – Kidnapped – Self Released
The Cramps – Cave Man – International Record Syndicate
The Things – Going Home – Big Neck Records
Juke Joint Pimps – Keep Your Arms Around Me – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Hopeless Jack and The Handsome Devils – Long Distance Blues – Self Released
Th’Legendary Shack Shakers – Help Me – Yep Roc Records
Bob Log III – Big Ass Hard On – Fat Possum Records
Bob Wayne – Mack – Saddle Up A Horse Publishing
Mama Rosin, Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers – The Cat Never Sleeps – Voodoo Rhythm Records
The Krewmen – Roll Dem Bones – Crazy Love Records
The Memphis Morticians – Full Moon Hop – Kaiser Records
The Vibes – I’m in Pittsburg and its Raining – Big Beat
Hard Money Saints – Hot Rod Trash – Self Released
The Drags – Teenage Invasion – Estrus Records
The Dead Vampires – Bite It – Dirtynap Record
The Mothballs –I Hate Your Guts – Adult Party Records
The Flying Dutchmen – Girl Like You – Boom Boom Record Co.
The Sting-Rays – Another Cup of Coffee – Ace Records Ltd.
The Dirty Robbers – Monkey Fingers – Oliver Cheney
Fat Boys – Wipe Out – PolyGram Records
The Trashmen – Bird Bath – Sundazed Records
The Jaguars – Roundabout – Epic Records
The Turtles – Buzzsaw – White Whale Records
The Cramps – Mashi – Righteous Records
The Wailers – Mashi – Imperial Records
The Beechwoods – Jackpot! – Double Crown Records
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Spooky Shore – Sheep Records
Link Wray – Mr. Guitar – Rollercoaster Records
The Untamed Youth – Overcast – Norton Records
The Trashwomen – Surf Beat – Alopecia Records
The Mummies – The Frisko Freeze – Telstar Records
The Finks – Latin’ia – Dionysus Records
The Tomorrow Men – Phistful of Photons – Double Crown Records
The Bambi Molestors – Mind Bender – Gutterhouse Records
The Darts – Gaucho – Del Fi Records
The Arrows – Tomahawk – Tower Records
The Verb – Boogie at the Beach – Litho Records
The Astroglides – Fanatic Mule Ride – SshakingRecordss
The Kriptons – Billy Boom – No Smoke Records
The Shakin’ Pyramids – Take a Trip – Rock ‘n’ Roll Records

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