Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Zorch Radio Episode 68: Foodtacular

Zorch Radio Episode 68
Airdate: Thursday, October 7th 2011

Hope you’re hungry for this food spectacular:  Open things off with some hors d’oeuvres, take a break to plug the Gallows gig at The Funhouse, and then unleash the feasting.  Featuring music from Hard Money Saints straight off the grill, a freshly baked Zorch Radio promo, and an extra-marinated episode of RadiOblivion. So good, we’ve got TWO outros!

The Meteors –‘Meat Is Meat’ – Mad Pig Records
The Meteors –‘Simply Ravishing’ – Sonovabitch Records
The Meteors – ‘Slice By Slice’ – I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records
Guana Batz –‘Lady Bacon’ – ID Records
Frantic Flintsones –‘Honey Maker’ – Link Records
Klingonz –‘Cabbages’ – Fury Records
The Reverend Horton Heat –‘Nurture My Pig’ – Sub Pop
James Hunnicut –‘A Lonely Road’ –  Self-Released
Angie And The Car Wrecks –‘Hellriders’ –  Self-Released
The Goddamn Gallows – ‘Everybody Dies’ – GBC Records
Hard Money Saints – ‘Drink Up’ – Self-Released
Hard Money Saints – ‘3 Legged Dog’ – Self-Released
Deadbolt – ‘The Meat’ – Cargo Records
Hasil Adkins – ‘No More Hot Dogs’ – Norton Records
Batmobile – ‘Hot Dog Stomp’ – Count Orlok Records
BBQ – ‘Waddlin’ Around’ – Bomp Records
Scott Wood – ‘Chicken Rock’ – Bel-Aire Music
Hot Rod Hillbillies – ‘Poultry Love’ – HRHB Records
The Monsters – ‘Chicken Baby’ – Voodoo Rhythm Records
Ernie Freeman – ‘Dumplins’ – Luckee Records
Adventurers- ‘Mashed Potatoes’ – Norton Records
James “Red” Holloway – ‘A La Carte’ – Norton Records
The Gories – ‘Crawdad’ – Crypt Records
Xavier Cugat – ‘Tabasco’ – Paris Hollywood Records
Man.. or Astroman? –‘Taco Wagon’ – Estrus Records
Fabulous Tempoes – ‘Nut Sundae’ – Strip Records
The King Normals – ‘Ice Cream Sunshine’ – Alopecia Records
The Primate 5 – ‘Poprox & Koke’ – Dizzy/Hubba Hubba Records
The Milkshakes – ‘Black Sails In The Moonlight’ – Big Beat Records
The Riff-Raffs – ‘Brainfreeze’ – Self-Released
Three Blue Terrors – ‘Hard-Boiled’ – Three Blue Teardrops
Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels – ‘Recipe For Love’ – Rollin’ Rock Records
Satan’s Pilgrims- ‘Shit Sandwich’ – MuSick Recordings
Gordo – ‘Cocktails Darling’ – Romulan Records
Vibes – ‘Alligator Wine’ – Thin Sliced Records
Don Lucas – ‘Where’s Flo?’- Romulan Records
The Cramps – ‘Eyeball In My Martini’ – Headcheese Music
—RadiOblivion Episode 24—

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