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Zorch Radio Episode 65: Johnny Radar

Zorch Radio Episode 65
Airdate: Thursday, September 15th 2011

Special guest DJ Johnny Samra from Radar Hair and Records comes in to share some of his music. Johnny’s played in a number of garage bands and ran the labele Heads-Up Records for a while, too. He only brought in vinyl, lots of sexy trash, and an “Ultra Rare” Cramps 7″. Oh baby!

Meteors – Rhythm of the Bell – Anagram
Legendary Raw Deal – Madman – Cherry Red
Meteors – To the Devil a Daughter – …People Like You
Season of Nightmares – Vigilante Murder Trail – Flying Saucer
Hard Money Saints – Suicide Shift – Revved-Up
Goddamn Gallows – Pass Me the Bottle – GBC Records
Chop Tops – I’m a Rocker – Swillbilly
Blue Demon – Who’s Sorry Now? – Self Released
Mario Bradley – Breakout – Fury
——Set from Johnny—–
Cramps – I’m Cramped – Famous Lux
Cramps – Goo Goo Muck – IRS
Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf – IRS
Inland Emporers – Hey Hey Blake Pirtle – Bag of Hammers
Les Hormones – Peggy – Heads-Up
Fingers – She’s (a Bit) Unkind – Bag of Hammers
Lewd – Kill Yourself – Scratch Me
Thee Midnighters – Everybody Needs Somebody – Whittier
Moving Sidewalks – 99th Floor – Mutt
Coconut Coolouts – The Spinaround – Heads-Up
Tubeway Army – Oh Didn’t I Say – Beggars Banquet
Helen Keller – Surfin’ (with Steve and IDI Amin – Deaf Ear
King Kahn and the Shrines – I Wanna Be Your Girl – Vice
Eddie Current – Which Way to Go – Goner
Thee Oh Sees – Enemy Destruct – In the Red
Red Cross – Cover Band – Posh Boy
Red Cross – Annette’s Got the Hits – Posh Boy
Red Cross – I Hate My School – Posh Boy
Fang – The Money Will Roll Right In – Boner
Huns – Busy Kids – Bloodstains
Undertakers – Unchain My Heart – Eva
Searchers – Needles and Pins – Kapp
Shocking Blue – Love Buzz – First
Gravediggger V – All Black and Hairy – Voxx
Creation – If I Stay Too Long – Get Back
Banana Splits – Tra La La Song – Decca
Fe Fi Fo Fums – You Might Get Me – Rob’s House
Banana Splits – I’m Gonna Find a Cave – Decca
??????? – Crazy – Off Beat at Cinecitta Vol 3 on Cripple Dick Hot Wax!
The Fallouts – Sleep – Super Electro
Knight Kings – Knight Kings Theme – Sub Pop
—–End of Johnny’s Set—–
Primate 5 – Primate Theme – Rat City Records
Link Wray – The Shadow Knows – Swan
Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird – Big Beat
Mojo Nixon – Elvis is Everywhere – IRS
Nick Curran – Kill My Baby – Eclecto Grove
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Spooky Shore – Sheep
Die Zorros – Zorro Rettet Russland – Voodoo Rhythm
Astroglides – Dick Tracy – Fast Music
Guitar Wolf – Can Nana Fever – Narnack

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