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Zorch Radio Episode 64: Sonic BOOM

Zorch Radio Episode 64
Airdate: Thursday, September 8th 2011

Found some super sexy Sonics 45’s the other day for DJ Zorch/Jorge/Zorch Surfer down in CA, and figured I’d better give em a test spin! Got a full block o’ Sonics mixed into the usual bunch. Plus there’s a classic episode of RadiOblivion sandwiched into the whole deal.

Meteors – Brains As Well – Anagram Records
Meteors – Radioactive Kid – Big Beat Records
Meteors – Low Livin’ Daddy – Anagram Records
Los Gatos Locos – Cut You Into Pieces – Zodiac Killer Records
Demented Are Go – PVC Chair – Anagram Records
Calavera – Dead Love – Love Arrow Records
Deadneks – Tattoo My Rotten Flesh – Sick Sick Sickobilly Records
Spellbound – Blood On your Hands – Self Released
Krewmen – Wildfire – Crazy Love Records
Batmobile – Mission Impossible – Count Orlok Records
Frantic Flinstones – Cotton Fields – Raucous Records
Quakes – Last of The Human Beings – Orrexx Records
Guanabatz – Jungle Rumble – Ace Records
Sharks – Gettin’ Even With You Baby – Anagram Records
Matadors – Evil Eye – Stumble Records
Elektraws – Lost in A Time Vortex – Anagram Records
Phantom – Love Me – Big Beat Records
Hasil Adkins – High School Confidential – Norton Records
Vibes – Alligator Wine – Anagram Records
Fe Fi Fo Fums – I Just Want A Boom Boom Girl –Robs House Records
Byron Gosh Group – Disgusting – Romulan Records
Tornadoes – Telstar – London Records
Jaguars – Roundabout – Epic Records
Johnny and the Hurricanes – Sandstorm – Warwick Records
Sterephonic Space Sound Unlimited – Sppoky Shore – Sheep Records
Fabulous Wailers – Mashi – Imperial Records
Shadows – Sting Ray – Columbia Records
Davie Allan and the Arrows – Blues Theme – Tower Records
Ventures – Fuzzy and Wild – Dolton Records
Express – Wastin’ My Time – Big Beat Records
Astronauts – Hot Doggin’ – RCA Victor
—-Block of Music from The Sonics (not in order)—-
Sonics – Boss Hoss – Norton Records
Sonics – The Witch – Etiquette
Sonics – Keep a Knockin – Etiquette
Sonics – Psycho – Etiquette
Sonics – You’ve Got Your Head on Backwards –Jerden
Sonics – Cinderella – Etiquette
Sonics – Jenny Jenny – Norton
Sonics – Louie, Louie – Etiquette
Sonics – Shot Down – Etiquette
Sonics – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – Etiquette
Sonics – Bad Attitude – Sonics Record Co.
—-RadiOblivion Episode 23—-
Elvis Presley – Just Because – RCA Victor

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