Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Zorch Radio Episode 63: Filthy Rockers Ball and The Last Train

Zorch Radio Episode 63
Airdate: September 1st, 2011

Tonight’s show started off with a block of American psychobilly and moves into some outlaw country later on. Rusty from Hated Noise calls in and The Last Train performan live. Both acts are on the bill for the Filthy Rockers Ball with Los Gatos Locos and The Deadneks. If you can’t make it to the gig to pick up the new LGL album, you can order it at Zodiac Killer Records.

Meteors – Swamp thing – Cherry Red
Meteors – You’re Mine – Sonovabitch
Meteors – Down and Dirty – I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
Tabaltix – Dead Man Wacking – Crazy Love
Cosmic Voodoo – Vertigo – Kaiser
Season of Nightmares – Sadistic Masochistic – Flying Saucer
Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys – Hellbound – Analog Arkives
Mutilators – Im The USA – Self Released
Lonesome Kings – Hell’s What I’m Used to – Emerald City Sounds
Los Gatos Locos – Juvenile Delinquent – Tombdisc
Los Gatos Locos – Jet Town Krew – Spindrift
Los Gatos Locos – Dog Eat Dog – Zodiac Killer
Deadneks – Trilogy of Blood – Sick Sick Sickobilly
Falls – Left Hand Man – Twin Cities Rockabilly
Hellbillys – Bucket O’ Blood – Nickel and Dime
Hated Noise – Officer Friendly – Self Released
Cannibals – Suburban Sex – Cowabunga
Dwarves – Drug Store – Subpop
Guitar Wolf – Can-Nana Fever – Narnack
Dead Kennedy’s – Holiday in Cambodia – I.R.S.
Briefs – No More Presidents – BYO
Fun Things – Savage – Shock
Sting Rays – The Crusher – Big Beat
Memphis Morticians – Electric Chair – Kaiser
Guana Batz – Werewolf Blues – Anagram
Mummies – Shot Down – Telstar
Legendary Shack Shakers – Help Me From My Brain – Bloodshot
Mario Bradley – My Search – Fury
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes – Kill My Baby – Eclecto Groove
Tall Boys – Ride This Torpedo – Big Beat
357 String Band – Little Black Train of Death – Self Released
Hank III – Satan is Real – Bruc

Live set from The Last Train

Hank III – Smoke and Wine – Bruc
Swinos – The Lovely – Music Abuse
Load Levelers – Coo Dingy – Aint That A Rats Ass
Shivering Denizens – Good Times at the Gates of Hell – Self Released
Bob Wayne – Wired Up – Self Released
Chuck Berry – Carol – Mercury
Shakin’ Pyramids – Take A Trip – Rock n’ Roll
Jimmy Wages – Miss Pearl – Rhino
Bobby Lewis – I’m Nervous – Vice
Ronnie Hawkins – Who Do You Love – Rhino
Tommy Blake – Lordy Hoody – Rhino
Big Walter and the Tunderbirds – Watusi Freeze – Vice
De-Fenders – Four Banger – Del Fi
Darts – Alky Burner – Del Fi
Reverend Beatman – I Don’t Need No Cocaine, I Just Need My Hotrod – Get Hip

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