Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Zorch Radio Episode 61: Summer BBQ

Zorch Radio Episode 61
Airdate: August 18th, 2011

Three hours of non-stop psychotronic rock and roll! It’s summer time, so you know what that means: Lotsa gigs, lotsa beer, lotsa BBQ, and all of the sudden you get to know your neighbors even better. Tonight we got visits from our neighbors Knuck of Dragstrip Riot, James Hunnicutt, and Kristy Krypt.


Meteors –  Eat The Baby – Anagram Records
Meteors – You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down – Ace Records
Meteors – Slice by Slice – I Used to Fuck People In Prison Like You Records
Bamboula – Chewing Gum and Ecstasy – Kaiser Records
Batmobile – Mystery Street – Nervous Records
Reverend Horton Heat – Sue Jack Daniels – Time Bomb Recordings
Calavera – Motin – Doctor Acula Records
Rocketz – Getting’ My Kix – Self Released
Los Gatos Locos – Dog Eat Dog – Zodiac Killer
Sasquatch and the Sickabillies – Apocalyptic Lipped – Analog Arkives
Season of Nightmares – VHS – Self Released
Spectres – Comin’ Home – My Checkbook Records
Chop Tops – Let’s Ride – Swill Billy Music
Goddamn Gallows – I Got A Woman – GBC Records
Graveyard Shift – Welcome to the Neighborhood – Dead Body Wreckerds
Dragstrip Riot –Busy Drinkin’ – Magnum Twin Records
Mario Bradley – My Search – Fury Records
Deltas – You Can’t Judge a Book – Raucous Records
Sharks – Take A Razor To Your Head – Nervous Records
Taggy Tones – 501 – Raucous Records
Alley Dukes – Look Somewhere Else – Flying Saucer Records
Three Blue Teardrops –Headin’ For Disaster – Self Released
Legendary Raw Deal – Jackson – Anagram Records
Paladins – Mercy – Alligator Records
Arkhams – She’s Got The Power – Self Released
Guana Batz – Werewolf Blues – Anagram Records
Two Timin’ Three – Black and White Baby – Vinylux Records
Long Tall Texans – Nothing But The Bones – Anagram Records
James Hunnicutt – A Lonely Road – Self Released
Angie and the Car Wrecks – Hellriders – Self Released
Shivering Denizens – The Patriot – Self Released
Load Levelers – You’re a Baby – Aint That A Rats Ass Records
Wages of Sin – Lay Me Down – My Checkbook Records
Fe Fi Fo Fums – I Just Wanna Have Some Fun – Boom Boom Castle Party Records
Haunted George – Shed of Doom – In the Red Records
Los Saicos – Salvaje – Munster
Spooks – Sleepy Sleepy – Self Released
Memphis Morticians – Electric Chair – Kaiser Records
Grains of Sand – Going Away Baby – BFD Records
Sting-Rays – You’re Gonna Miss Me – Big beat Records
Hard Money Saints – Leavin’ Man – Revved Up Records
Cramps –Uranium Rock – A&M Records
Satan’s Pilgrims – Spoke – Estrus Records
Kings of Nuthin – 11 to 3 – Disaster Records
Mono Men – Monster – Estrus
Razorblades – Deep Blue Me – Self Released
Daikaju – Flight of the Garuda – Self Released
Finks – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Dionysus Records
Astroglides – Turkish Delight – Sshaking Records

—-Please note this last part of the show was a bit… fuzzy. The order may be wrong, maybe a few tracks missing, who knows—-

Red Ryders – Savannah Slow Down –  Paris Hollywood Records
Centuries – Jack 23 – Paris Hollywood Records
Hollywood Crusaders – Thunderbird – Paris Hollywood Records
Kalasandro! – Forbidden City – Romulan Records
Doc Starks and the Night Riders – Vacation Train – Romulan Records

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