Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Playlist for Episode 53

Zorch Radio Episode 53
Air Date: Thursday June 23rd, 2011
Special guest DJ Ian Voje of Johnny Punani. Here’s a video of his band performing live on Zorch Radio a few months ago:

Meteors – Down and Dirty – I used to fuck people like you in prison records
Meteors – Mutant Rock – Anagram Records
Meteors –Yellow Zone – Cherry Red Records
Johnny Love and Speed – You’re Flyin’ – Love Wedge Recordings
Spellbound – Blood On Your Hands – Self Released
Bamboula – Cannibal – Kaiser Records
Goddamn Gallows – A Sinners Song – GBC records
Los Gatos Locos – Juvenile Delinquent – Tomb Disc
Demented Are Go –I Wanna Be Your Slave – Crazy Love Records
Monster Klub – My Favorite Sin –NO/CO records
Graveyard Shift – I Need You – Dead Body Wreckerds
Guana Batz – Can’t Take the Pressure – Cherry Red Records
Riff-Raffs – Someday – Self Released
Vibes – It’s Raining in Pittsburgh – Big Beat Records
Bananamen – The Crusher – Big Beat Records
Memphis Morticians – Linda Lee – Kaiser Records
Shakin’ Pyramids – Take a Trip – Rock ‘n’ Roll Records
Ricochets – Witchcraft – Nervous Records
Sharks – Mean Mr. Shark – Raucous Records
Ray Campi – Hold That Train – Rollin’ Rock Records
Deltas – You Can’t Judge A Book – Raucous Records
Mothballs – I <3 Records – Adult Party Records
Grains of Sand – Going Away Baby – BFD Records
Primate 5 – Tsunuikwa – G.I. Productions
Flakes – Bip Bam Boom – Rock ‘n’ Roll Records
Hentchmen – Farfisa And The Airline – Norton Records
Mercury Four – Rattle Can Black – Self Released
Deadbolt – Listen to the Message – Headhunter Records
Astroglides – Guitar Cha Cha – Sshaking Records
Dave Diddle Day – Blue Moon Baby – Righteous Records
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes – Kill My Baby – Electro Groove Records
Kings of Nuthin’ – Waitin’ To Leave – Disaster Records
Gruesomes – Jack the Ripper – Fuzz Overdose Records
Screamin’ Lord Sutch – Screem and Screem – Ace Records
Batmobile – Ballroom Blitz – Dojo Records
Demented Are Go – Transvestite Blues – Dojo Records
Coffin Nails – Let’s Wreck – Dojo Records
Cramps – What’s Inside A Girl –Big Beat Records
Cramps – Psychotic Reaction – Big Beat Records
Cramps – The Most Exalted Potentate of Love – Big beat Records
Ventures – Hawaiian War Chant – Liberty Records
Cramps – Georgia Lee Brown – Cato Records
Charlie Feathers – I can’t Hardly Stand It – Cato Records
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper – I’m Gonna Dig up Howlin’ Wolf – IRS Records
Cramps – The Gas I Like – Democracy
Cramps – Domino – ???????? No label? Off ‘Exorcism Night’ album… pressed on 220 gram, but no label cited.
Season of Nightmares – Where the Sidewalk Ends – Self Released

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