Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Playlist for Episode 52

Zorch Radio Episode 52
Air date: June 16th, 2011
(Songs may not be entirely in order)

Meteors – Mind Over Matter – Anagram Records
Meteors – Out of Time – Anagram Records
Meteors – Be My Slave – Hellraiser Records
Reatards – When I Get Mad – Goner Records
Charming Snakes –Rat Hotel – My Fat Ass Productions
Invisble Men – Real Creepy – Rat City Records
Dwarves – Be a Caveman – Voxx Records
Gang Green – Skate to Hell – Golf Records
Cannibals – Suburban Sex – Cowabunga Records
Spits – Beat You Up – My Fat Ass Productions
Briefs – No More Presidents – BYO
New Bomb Turks – Professional Againster – Epitaph Records
Wombats – Bye Bye Baby – Voxx Records
Fun Things – Savage – Shock Records
Guitar Wolf – Kawasaki Z11 750 Rock ‘n’ Roll – Narnack Records
Screamin’ Furys – Out All Night – Estrus Records
Fe Fi Fo Fums – At The Fun House – Fat Ass Productions
Automatiks – I Wanna Be Car – Primitive Records
Sting Rays – Come On Kid – Big Beat Records
Toe Tag – House of Shame – My Fat Ass Productions
Mojo Nixon Skid Roper – Elvis is Everywhere – I.R.S. Records
Mama Rosin & Hipbone Slim – Cat Never Sleeps – Voodoo Rhythm records
Slim Cessnas Auto Club – This is How We Do Things in the Country – Alternative Tentacles Records
Bob Wayne – Ghost Town – …People Like You Records
Load Levelers –Coo Dingy – Aint that a Rats Ass Records
357 String Band – Holy Water – Pistols Aces Music
Hank 3 – Thrown Out of a Bar – Bruc Records
Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devils – 38 Special –Self Released
Wages of Sin – Buccaneers (of Elliot Bay) – My Checkbook Records
Phantom Surfers – Murder Can be Fun – Lookout Records
Trashmen – Bird Bath – Sound of yesterday Records
Elite – My Confusion – Crypt Records
Satelliters – Fuzz-Out – Dionysis
Elegants – Ooh Poo Pah Doo – Norton Records
Exotics – Four Bangers – Jerden Records
Willie Joe and His Unitar – Unitar Rock – Righteous Records
Ventures – Fuzzy and Wild – Dolton Records
Majestics – Riding By – Strip Records
Dick Dale – Surfing Drums – Deltone Records
Surf Trio – Fun in the Summer – Voxx Records
Bambi Molesters – Kiss Off –Dancing Bear Records
Brains – Zombie Nation – Stomp Records
Sharks – Jack the Ripper – Western Star
Blackrats – King of Monsters – Self Released
Season of Nightmares – Chalk Outlines – Self Released
7 Shot Screamers – TV – Haunted Town Records
Bomboras – Swingin on Pier 13 – Zombie a Go-Go
Hard Money Saints – King of the Tribe – Revved Up Records
Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors – Scream – Crypt Records
Fleshtones – Feel The Heat – I.R.S. Records


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